joining after AS levels

Hi there :toothy8: , I'm aware that the current requirement for officer entry is 180 ucas points and 5 gcse's, but is it a necessity to have full a-levels?
I was just toying with the idea of joining straight after AS levels (if i gain 180 ucas points) instead of going the whole hog with my second year of A-levels.
Just thought id ask here in the hope that somebody might be able to help make up my mind, cheers! :dwarf:

Oh and happy new year btw! :thumright: :D


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No. Not only would it look incredibly bad (i.e. you dropping out of something without seeing it through to the finish), I believe that A levels are included in the UCAS tariff. You are moire likely to pass AIB with an extra year of life experience anyway.


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If you have only just completed AS Levels & have not completed full A2's simply because you can't be bothered then, as rightly stated, you are sending out signals that you cannot stick at something & are a potential training risk.

If however you have completed a degree but lack the UCAS points at A level, then taking AS levels to top-up is considered acceptable.
No its not that i can't be bothered, but joining the navy is what i have always wanted to do and if full A levels aren't strictly required and I can comfortably get my ucas points from my AS levels (and pass AIB) then what's to say i can't join as soon as i possibly can.

Quoted from the website: "At least 180 UCAS points and 5 GCSEs (A*-C)/ 5 Scottish Standard Grades (1-3)/ equivalent, including English and maths"

By the end of the year i should fit all of the criteria above (I'm half way through my AS levels at the moment btw).

Any more thoughts welcome, positive or otherwise :D


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Just stick your A levels out, by all means apply ASAP. If you took AIB in September, you could theoretically (if you passed) get an entry date for September 2010, when you have finished your A levels. Doing A levels will open up doors for you whilst in (and when you leave) the navy, for example if you want to take a degree and go to uni as a mature student.
I'm taking maths, physics, chemistry, politics and critical thinking (AS only).
As for predicted grades i'm not entirely sure, but if I base it on my recent test scores then mostly B's i would say.
I only did my AS levels as I hated college and although I got 200 UCAS points I'm applying as a rating because i know there's no way i would get through AIB, especially with my lack of life experience.
If you dont mind college then I'd definately stick it out for another year.
I'd advise going into your nearest AFCO and talking through your options.

Do you know where it is?

As it is, if you're thinking about aircrew, you need to be applying soon anyway.

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