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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Spence123, Jul 11, 2012.

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  1. Im a 15 year old girl and im trying to decide whether a warfare officer is for me, any advice?
  2. I hope to be a Warfare Officer sometime within the next 365 days. Send me a photo and your date of birth and we'll see if I'm for you.
  3. Haha, i meant to say, whether the job is right for me.
  4. Welcome to Rum Ration, Spence.

    Have you seen the PDF on Warfare Officer on the RN website?
  5. I recieved an information book on the RN in the post, I've been reading through it. But I thought I'd back up my choice with the opinions of people actually training to become warfare officers.
  6. If you want to know whether the position of Warfare Officer is right for you, ask yourself the following two questions:

    Do you like staring out windows for extended periods of time?

    Do you like being shouted at?

    In all seriousness, I'm in the middle of my application for Warfare Officer and having spoken to various people I've come to the conclusion that there is really no typical career in the RN and what suits one person may not suit another (as with all things, I guess).

    Best advice? Search Warfare Officer on these forums, read the relevant threads - from AIB advice to training pipelines etc - and if you like what you see combined with what you've read already in the booklet then go talk to the careers advisors at your local AFCO. They're in a good position to give advice.
  7. You've both had very good starts. Neither of you have called the role 'Warefare Officer'. Well done. 1SL calls.
  8. Last time I checked we were hovering around the 40th place for literacy. But it is concerning that potential Officers are that lax/lazy/incompetent.
  9. I like all things grammatical. Please cut along and learn the difference twixt proper and improper nouns and then report to me, with your reasons in writing, for your use of the capital letter in "Officers" :happy8:
  10. Carefull lads, a bit of grooming going on here
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  11. You're Chris Hansen and I claim my free KFC bucket.

    In before half of you dirty bastards end up on this ;)
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