Hi just joined the website and thought I'd say hello.

Did a few years in the RN and have just left, got fed up of the bullshit and crap from the hierarcy.

Had more good times than bad not missing it yet but early days.
Welcome Lee, even civvie street has it's bullshitters and crap.

Rise above it, life is way too short to let employers spoil it.
Ninja_Stoker said:
Welcome to the site.

Hope you discover that your civilian employment is devoid of similar atrocities & equally as secure.

Best of luck.
A good point Ninja. At least the MOB allows you a few runs ashore to compensate ... now and then.

Welcome to the site Lee.



Lantern Swinger
Hi all, I am brand spanking new, not only to this sight but to forums altogether (not really sure what I'm doing!). I can't wait to join but unfortunately I failed the flipping selection test 2 weeks ago, bloody maths. I've not done algebra and fractions since school (a long time ago) and the time got the better of me. The guy told me to go back to college for 6 months which I've already started, and I can re-sit in 6 months time. I just wanted to know, if I pass (fingers crossed) how long would it take me to start the training? I can't wait to get stuck in ha ha. thanks. p.s I hope I've done this right.
I thought long and hard before coming out and wasn't a decision I came to lightly just decided I wasn't enjoying the job anymore. Always said the moment I stopped enjoying it I'd bail.

Runs ashore are great but I've been stuck shore-side for years, kept asking Drafty for a Ship but there never seemed to be one available. I realise that’s perfect for some but I did enjoy ship board life, the trips and visits.

Welcome tuts keep trying took me three attempts to get in but I made it.

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