Join the Merchant Navy: Forget the Royal Navy


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Now that's weird, I'll admit I am a bit remembrance day tipsy, but only tipsy mind, but my last post put the word "you" in capitals all on it's own. If that was sausage fingers, the whole lot would be in capitals not one word. I need an exorcist for my keyboard.


I do believe that it will be the hero to men and women alike believe it or not (funny that) and not the 'cum filled' end of it!

And sausage fingers my arse! The caps lock key is too far away from the last l in 'will', I'm with you in calling for an exorcist!


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'Kinell, I've just checked, you're right. All of the letters of the word "you" are more than sausage distance away. Being crap at computers makes this worse, I may have an evil computer and not know it.


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My Grandad was Merch (WW2 and after) but if he'd met the OP he would have given him a bit of slap and sent him on his way.


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This bloke is clearly a chopper / oxygen thief.

And is clearly either a failed applicant to one of the armed forces or was bullied by a sea cadet.

He is certainly not on that wage, anyone who is a decent 2nd mate with a DP ticket and 2 trips (ones worth recording and using as a reference) has obviously been at sea for a while and inevitably had some form of contact with the armed forces or someone from it, which leads me to think that such a person would not mention the things he posted.

Unfortunately he has achieved his aim to wind us up, and to insult everyone represented by yesterday's ceremonies is what I would expect from a ballast rating.

But it's good to see we all universally classify you as a ****.

Rant over.



The Royal Navy and Merchant Navy did a great job in WW2 and more recently in the south atlantic. Unless I am mistaken about 100.000 merchant seaman died in the former.

Rivalry between both organisations is understandable.

There is some mutual respect.



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Totally agree with you Ted, a lot of very brave merch blokes died for this country in WW2, some were sunk more than once and still went back to sea. But also a lot of RN lads went to the bottom in the defence of The Realm too.Mariners are mariners, Royal or civvy, and this nasty mouthed arse bandit would do well to remember it.

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