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Discussion in 'RMR' started by AllTheFours, Apr 21, 2010.

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  1. Hullo all,
    I'm kind of the new kid on the block around here so I'm pretty unsure of whats what on RR.

    I'm currently in the TA Infantry and really enjoy the fitness, oppertunities and oppertunities to go on tour. Recently I moved in with the other half on Sheppey in Kent meaning a 4 hour train ride to my Company, a night in a B&B and only £20 refunded.

    For someone who is unemployed I can't see this lasting very long as funds will run out and the lack of work on the island leave little hope for making up my travel expenses. Even the SPSI says I'm getting a rotten deal out of it and should transfer.

    This leaves two choices: 3 PWRR which means a simple transfer and maybe a bit of a wait or RMR in Chatham. This being my prefered choice due to the emphisis on pushing yourself harder and being the best. However I am not sure on how to go about it.

    Should I see about a Service Transfer (or something along those lines, if indeed they are possible or simply leave the TA and apply for RMR?


  2. Hello mate

    The best thing to do is either wait for a reply from ninja_stoker (AFCO bod) or P.M him as he will have a definitive answer for you.

    You might find that if you join the RMR you will have to start from the beginning I.E phase one although this might have changed from my time.

    Good luck
  3. You're unemployed yet you have moved to an area with no jobs, and miles away from your old unit. Your missus must have beer flavoured nipples mate.
  4. Ring the Chatham careers office on 01634 826206. They will tell you the process for getting into the RMR.


  5. She does have rather nice tits i do admit :D
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Generally all non-Commando trained RMR Recruits should expect to start RMR training from scratch, assuming they pass the selection process.

    That said, individuals who have completed the Army Combat Infantrymans' Course may well be assessed locally, and if deemed sufficiently "current" may be placed onto phase two RMR training, assuming the unit has a phase two batch running at the time of joining.

    Basically the choice is down to the individual, however there is less latitude with regard training exercise commitment with the RMR & the consequence of missing a training weekend or two will result in a 12 month back-troop.

    Best of luck.
  7. In that case I think I will start from scratch as I could do with the extra training thanks to skillfade. Gives me some extra time for some fitness work too.

    Cheers fellas
  8. Personally I think starting from scratch will be of benefit to you for a number of reasons. Firstly the fitness element which is at a higher level than most T.A units. That isn't an arrogant comment, its the truth having worked with Perce!!

    Secondly the way the Corps does things can sometimes be a bit baffling for Perce. Having a dhobi when you come out of the field before heading to the Galley for starters!!! :D :wink:

    Good luck and keep us informed as to how your as there are a few old sweats (myself included) on here who like to know whether you have passed out of training or not.
  9. I very much agree with that, fitness will probably be my main issue due to a recent back injury however I'mprogressing on the Fitness Program on the RM site rather well. As for all other aspect I agree also; having seen how some of the bootie drill differs from pongo drill. On the whole I am looking forward to it however I feel it best to leave my application for about 3 weeks while I complete my phys and do build up fitness.
  10. I'd agree with everything said; starting from scratch (provided you pass selection) is the way forward, not just to give yourself the best chance of ridding yourself of filthy pongoloid habits and perc speak but, as Ninja rightly says, the training commitment is demanding and troop spirit may well sway your decision to get your arse into the detachment when you suddenly get that strong urge to postpone your well deserved beasting to paint your toenails instead.

    You should also be aware that jackness is taboo in the RM / RMR. If it is the case that your mrs has got beer favoured nipples stand by to bluetooth her mobile number to all ranks so they can get round her.

    Good luck

    PS Somebody please challenge XRD on his self proclaimed old sweat status; I can't he's a good friend of mine!

    Edited once for gash spelin
  11. i suppose ill take up that challenge !!

    come on then XRD - please quantify your old sweat status please ??

    interesting point is there like a cut off point after which you cannot be an old sweat - or does it depend on time served ??
  12. I would say that old sweat status comes when your back and knees finally give up the ghost but being typical Royal you just crack on anyway!!

    That or you get threaders being G.D's and decide to go Corps commision for an easy life like young "Labrum"" :D :wink:

    Just kidding oppo!!!
  13. good answer - i like it !

    what about - not being able to read the contours or symbols on a map without glasses - very frustrating at night
  14. Use a red filter mate its the way forwards!! :D :wink:
  15. Ah, the universal land flattener. Works a treat.
  16. You've learned to read a map Royal!?
  17. Young, what does that make you!?

    I'd advise against a dick measuring contest with Moose on the sweat front, the clue is in his asking when do you stop being an old sweat; the man's a veritable Peter Pan, unnatural levels of testosterone for a near pensioner... :wink:
  18. Lets just say I was being kind mate as I know you are nearer to 45 than I am. :wink:

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