Join my first ship next week any advice?


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Good luck!

However, the flight is about 18hrs long!

Once onboard, keep your head down and let people come to you.

Don’t be worried, I am sure your have a great time. However just watch out for bites, if some one asks you to pipe or do something and it doesn’t sound right, have a little think :wink:

They still making people fill out that joiner’s questionnaire book? You know the one with the health and safety and location things?

Make sure you have all the kit you need before you go and on a last note……………………….let us know how you get on!


omCtillIdie said:
Join my first ship next week in the falklands any advice you could give me???????? cheers

my advice (much as it is)

make a name for yourself by not being the one whos been there and done that. Take it all in and enjoy yourself, (the time will go so quickly) and finally keep in mind that you wont be the only one feeling seasick

(wish I was going with you)

whitemouse said:
And don't mention 'Bennies' or 'Mores' !!

...At least not to the islanders faces!!! :lol:

You can to your shipmates or the pongos of course! Lots of sheep if you're in to that sort of thing :lol: Interesting topography and lots of interesting wildlife (other than the Bootnecks)... Don't forget your woolley pulley and 16 sets of thermal underwear as it can be a bit chilly if you decide to do any yomping in the countryside. Oh, and watch out for the remaining UXBs! The sheep have failed to detonate them all yet.

Don't forget to air your hammock regularly and scrub it at least once a week. You don't get sea sick in 'em though! And if anyone (especially Stewards) offer to show you the Golden Rivet, politely decline! :!:


Lantern Swinger
The Falklands, like Gibraltar is a wonderful place, though there are only two things to do down there, get fit or become an alcoholic. I'd advise the former, having been there 3 times on different ships, I didn't do much exercise, and drank far too much, although I can safely say my Liver is still intact.


War Hero
Which ship are you joining then?

Bed yourself in nice and easy and listen to the advice given by the older hands. Don't rush yourself to become popular, people will come to you. But also, do not make yourself unapproachable.

Most of all, enjoy it and you will soon find life aboard ship can be massive fun, if at times, frantic.


Lantern Swinger
Hi, I concur with most of the above:

Do not call the locals Bennies, Mores or Stills.
If you get the chance to get off the ship do so, recommend Rockhopper colony at New Island, it will change your outlook on life.
If you get the chance to get to South Georgia even better, but watch out for the Fur Seals, they may not have anhy legs, but, they can run faster than you and have a better bite.
Do not kiss an Elephant Seal, in fact do not get anywhere near its breathing organ it has unbelievable bad breath.
The King Penguins are brilliant and look at you as though you are an alien, (which I suppose you are to them)
I would love to go down there again, last went in 1986 take the family for a trip and also pay my respects to those who stayed there in 1982.

Benefit - Money paid to Falkland Islander without a sheep to his name
Benediction - Language spoken by the locals
Beneficiary - Where the locals get there Cod from

Remember also there is no such thing as Tartan Breadcrumbs and Naval STores will give you a very long weight.

If you get to South Georgia try to get on a Reindeer Shoot, a bit of Venison for the Caterer and give my respects to Ernie
Skunkmiester said:
NozzyNozzer said:
[ Interesting topography and lots of interesting wildlife (other than the Bootnecks)...

Whats wong Nozzy? Dont oo like wickle woyal? Were nice and cuddly you know.

I'm sure you all were Skunky, but the penguins were more photogenic, and would have been just as cuddly had they let me get close enough!!! (Perhaps they thought my beard was a predator? Nah, on second thoughts they were probably into Booties and were suspicious of Matelots: their mothers had probably warned them when they were young: you know what sailors are! Oooooh!). :lol: