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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by squashedbanana, Sep 19, 2015.

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  1. I'm now 12 months on the TMU train.

    Curious to know if this is just me with such a wait or are there others!?

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  2. Ninja_Stoker

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    Must admit, 12 months without a decision one way or the other is unusual.

    Is this an appeal against a PMU or is it because a decision hasn't been determined following issues requiring further info from the original medical?
  3. It is getting frustrating I'll admit!

    Luckily it's not an appeal against a PMU, it's where additional tests were requested by Capita after they picked up a heart murmur which I didn't know I had. The thing is I had these tests done (ECG & Echo) between last November and this February - accompanied by Reports from a Cardiac Specialist & my GP saying 'nothing to worry about'. It's taken from Feb to July to get my records referred back to the RN for a final decision which, tbh I don't know why Capita couldn't give the green light given my supporting evidence and now in September, I'm still in the dark about whether I'm going to be accepted or not!

    It's dragged on this long and whilst I have tried to retain a 'positive outlook' I am beginning to wonder whether it's going to be a 'no' and why it's possibly taken so long to tell me?

    Sorry for essay, it's even more long-winded than that as you can imagine!

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  4. Had my medical mid July, said everything was fine but I was placed TMU due to medical forms capita are waiting on from my doctors about an operation I had back in 2006 on my knee (keyhole surgery) nothing extreme. I then received an email informing me a review was on 27/8 an I'm still waiting to hear back, its just the not knowing of what's going on which is annoying.. How long does this usually take?
  5. No idea but all the time I've been waiting around, a friend of mine as gone through pregnancy and has given birth... So we have the certainty that life can be created quicker!!

    Certain I've missed out on November and March intakes too (although these probably were oversubscribed anyway)

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  6. I seriously hope I am not waiting as long as you have, I even took the medical forms they requested over to capita myself to try speed things up. Have you had a medical review?
  7. Yes. I've had 4

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  8. An how long did it take for you to receive a reply from your first medical review?
  9. For a paperwork review the Capita Dr phoned me during the appointment to tell me 'it's being sent to the RN for review'.

    Best was when I attended my second Medical with 2 letters in hand, to be told 'we want all this info on one letter, not two separate ones'.

    40 mile round trip for that

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  10. I have to ask, but how was the ECG technician incompetent, and are you totally sure that it is Capita that is at fault?
  11. After my first medical, I visited my GP to request an ECG, which I was told I could have this performed at my surgery as they had a machine. Booked in for the appointment, technician performed ECG, she advised that I was the first patient she was going to use the new machine on. ECG Results were then sent to a Specialist at the hospital, who wrote back to my GP saying it was 'a bad ECG' and he subsequently requested another to be performed. On reflection, incompetent was a poor choice of word.

    Whilst I appreciate the buck stops with me to book in for the tests requested by Capita and to also obtain written reports based on the test results - this was all handed over to Capita by the end of February. They would have had all the requested evidence back in November last year, if I hadn't had to wait 3 months to find out that I had to repeat my ECG. That is not down to Capita at all, but between Feb and now, forgive me for being blunt, but my Medical file hasn't been sat on my desk all this time!

    The reason for this thread was for me to ascertain whether a wait like this is normal, whether I should be thinking that my outcome is most likely going to be a no? so I can look into another career path, and if others have had similar experiences?

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  12. I've been TMU and was told I was having a medical review 2 weeks ago, my Afco have told me that they have now put me as fit on the system but I can't do my pjft until capita send my notes back, from reading about some of your experiences I hope they don't take much longer to send them back
  13. 24mp24 - a lot of reviews are conducted without the individual if the check doesn't need 'hands on'. This saves you time and money in the end.
    For you, I hope the admin gets squared away quickly so you can crack on.
  14. At least you know you're in which must be a relief. I wish I knew one way or the other it's been too long now. How long were you TMU for?

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  16. Thanks for you're reply, luckily I've seen all the Reports which say the murmur is nothing to worry about, from my GP and the civilian Specialists point of view, but for the RN, perhaps it is an issue which is being delved into further.

    Can only wait and hope I suppose! Thanks for your time

    Have edited my very first post on this thread to remove any unjustified blame! Apologies

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  17. Yes it is a bit of a relief, I've been TMU for just under 2 months now

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