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Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by millwall_star, Dec 15, 2007.

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  1. hi i start basic in febuary and im a pritty desent footballer and rugby player i think how do i go about joining a team when i get assigned to a ship.
  2. Dont worry about it.

    By the time you get to a ship, if you are reallllllly good, your name will have gone before you.

    If not, pays your money and takes your chance....
  3. Will your writing grammar improve by then??? We live in hope!
  4. If your are that pritty.

    Dont push back!!

    Booties and divers.get first call!!

    Standfast Gunners

    They wont even drop you off at Unicorn Gate.

    So I'm am led to believe
  5. im doing my knitting at the moment what colour scarf do you want
  6. What standard do you play at each sport?

  7. Remember, this cannot be measured in terms of the difficulty level of the football game on your xbox.
  8. Hi Guys Does the Navy have a sporting club for firstly (ITF Taekwondo) and secondly long distance running or Triathlon, wanted to go back to Taekwondo if i can because I was at a International standard when i left 2 years ago due to a family death cheers


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