Johnstones Paint Trophy this weekend



Topstop said:
Haggis_Catcher said:
I am off to the game sitting in the Carlisle end .
You havnt got enough going to get an end. you may have a block.

We on the other hand appear to have a half :D :D :D :D
Our allocation is sold my friend, have no fears about that.


Carlisle United 2 - 1 Southampton 1

Dobie 43 Lambert 11
Clayton 76


Topstop said:
Allocation 44,000 sold out. Going up at o crack sparrow and taking Mon off to recover.

Saints 5 Carlisle2
I'm heading down Saturday morning and staying at a stinking Gren's house for a night out in Essex. Oh yeah.
I`m off soon to a mates place nearer London shortly, for the night.

Best wishes to a all those traveling, have a great time and a safe journey. :thumbleft: :thumbright:

Best Wishes,

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