Johnstones Paint Trophy this weekend

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by chockhead819, Mar 22, 2010.

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  1. Any other Rum Rationers going?
  2. Never heard of it.
  3. carlisle v scummers - i'd rather watch paint dry

    oh i see the irony now - what a funny fecker i am
  4. I am off to the game sitting in the Carlisle end .
  5. Yes. Block 108 row 5 mate.

    However I fear Rickie Lambert is going to decimate us.
  6. You havnt got enough going to get an end. you may have a block.

    We on the other hand appear to have a half :D :D :D :D
  7. When he gets the ball he takes the pi55 and he wears the shirt of Matt Le Tiss :D :D :D
  8. Our allocation is sold my friend, have no fears about that.


    Carlisle United 2 - 1 Southampton 1

    Dobie 43 Lambert 11
    Clayton 76
  9. Allocation 44,000 sold out. Going up at o crack sparrow and taking Mon off to recover.

    Saints 5 Carlisle2
  10. I'm heading down Saturday morning and staying at a stinking Gren's house for a night out in Essex. Oh yeah.
  11. Just doing the day, setting off at 3.30! block 103
  12. think that i am in block 105
  13. Block 132.
  14. Jesus mate! That's a long day, are you going down in a coach or driving?
  15. Dont forget the clocks go back. :D
  16. Forward man, forward. :D
  17. hopefully will be able to get head down on the bus!
  18. Tee Hee !!
  19. I`m off soon to a mates place nearer London shortly, for the night.

    Best wishes to a all those traveling, have a great time and a safe journey. :thumbleft: :thumbright:

    Best Wishes,


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