John Wilmot for patron saint of sailors?

John Wilmot 2nd. earl of Rochester[The Mail on Sunday Book review] Quote"His poems contain the lines;-I've swived more whores in more ways than Sodoms walls"As Gentleman of the Kings Bedchamber In 1666 his duties were to instruct young madiens in the sexual arts before passing them onto his patron.He was a raving drunkard and died aged 33 from syphillis, and other venereal diseases, cirrhosis and exhaustion. My admiration is unstinting. No one withy that life style can be all bad. I reckon he should be our Patron Saint sounds much more fun than Simon
Sounds an ideal candidate. Sounds like the perfect sea-dad: looking after his young charges and teaching them the facts of life before letting them loose on the world.

I add my vote. :)
Oh Jesse! Back with more crap! Why don't you just take your medication and get back into your recliner and have a snooze? If you really think that the drunken, poxed-up life of a 17th Century dick-wad has any interest for us clean-living, sober gentlemen of the 21st Century, then you may be right! (Er! That might have come out wrong; too much wine!)
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