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Living in the sticks on the Borders I've noticed even when I travel to Berwick all the pubs are selling the John Smiths crap,I'm reduced to drinking Guinness or Magners.
What has happened to all our beers? I'm not a real ale drinker although a couple I've tried are OK the others are dishwater with no head to the pint.
Went out on the lash last night and ended up on the rums as the beer was foul.
We do have a local one Bellhaven which is very good but not a lot of places sell it as the big breweries have a Monopoly.
Just a well they don't sell Brickwoods,if I hadn't drank half an half in Pompey I may have turned Tee Total.
Well maybe not but these modern John Smith type of ales is,like the old saying,"Shagging in a Whaler" ******* close to water!"
What's yours like? if it's any good I may move!and don't tell me Worthies or Double Diamond.
I like Tetleys and Thwaites but it's not up here and Boddingtons which I drank in Blackpool won't travel.
Just going to uncork a bottle of red for dinner,Feck John Smiths!


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Bombadier or Courage best. Can't stand smooth beers.

Tried them when I worked in Bristol,not for me, it's the old adage you need Courage to drink Courage!
Sitting in a pub in Bristol a guy next to me took back his pint because it was a quarter of inch away from being filled to the brim with no froth!
I like a froth on my beer and Courage is not like that!
I think it may be a Northern thing!


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Bombadier or Courage best. Can't stand smooth beers.

Agreed. Smooth beers are shite. Fullers do a good range and i'm partial to Goffs Brewery beers when i go to the Cotswolds. Luckily, my RNA does a good selection of beer and the Pride is always good, as is the Doom Bar they're serving at the moment.


Majority of Smudge cask and smooth is brewed in Birkenhead nowadays, only the smaller barrels of cask are still brewed in Taddy and are ok. The emergence of micro breweries over the last few years has been a godsend IMO, some fantastic brews to be had out there.
Nothing compares though to my first ever pint, went to the village local with elder bro the night before joining up (under age drinkers were allowed to drink in the pub rear passage) William Youngers best bitter from an oak barrel, nectar.


You lost me old mate when you said you like Thwaites and didn't fancy Double Diamond(do they still brew it in Scotland ?)
Them Scottish beers should be OK, it's all in the water yeh know ! Then again you could move here and knock back a few Emu Bitters.