John Reid's speech in full

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by PartTimePongo, Feb 20, 2006.

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  1. Fc*k the Broon off, this is the wee boy.
  2. Damn good speech, and a nice change from the vapid ghost that was Geoff Hoon - at least this bloke has a clue. Personally, I think that every time the NotW prints inflammatory crap like it has been, they should be forced to print a balancing story/picture - show the world what the Iraqis have done to our people, their own people. Show them why we cannot trust their police behind our backs, and show them what constraints the Forces have to deal with before they can make a decision on a battlefield. Listening to Radio 5 last night, with a very poor presenter, media darling Bob Stewart giving us the lecture on morality (!), and a very swift topic change from the video to a general torture discussion, I think that the media needs to be held more accountable for their actions.
  3. I caught John Reid on BBC this morning and I thought that he came across very well.

    I entirely agree with PompeySailor that it makes a nice change from his predecessor. Let's hope that Mr Reid keeps this up and it is the first manifestation of a more robust government stance.
  4. It just depresses me that while he's banging on about how great our "Armed Forces" are and how much pressure "The Services" are under, he keeps referring to us all as "The Army" and "soldiers". It's not just him, you get it on the news too. Apparently the Army single-handedly saved the entire country from burning down during Op Fresco.
  5. The reason he keeps banging on about the Army is they are the ones in the public eye. The Navy and the RAF are lucky to get anywhere near the "on the Ground" threats that the Green Army and the Royal Marines are exposed to. Especially at the moment when Iraq has no Navy or Air Force but a sh*t load of Insurgents intent on doing us harm. There is also a reason why it is the Army that is always referred to and that is because they are all now happy to accept a quick few quid to sell their mates down the Tabloid river. The Navy on the other hand are doing an outstanding job in the waters of the Gulf conducting MIOPS and in the Carribean where the Helo pilots, ships crew and a couple of Royal Snipers are smashing Cocaine smugglers on a regular basis now. Good news but it doesn't sell as many papers and is not sensational enough so is normally relegated to page 5 etc.

    As for Op Tesco, get over it. It was hardly the f*$ing Al Faw Peninsula!!!
  6. Well yes the Army are always the ones in the public eye, that's sort of the whole point. My gripe isn't confined to just what Reid was responding to in his speech, it's the way reporting is always delivered on the Armed Forces. Pictures of Marines on the ground in Afghanistan? Press calls them Army Soldiers. Pictures of Crabs in desert cammies at an airbase in Iraq? Press refers to them as soldiers. Press coverage of Navy firefighters putting out a fire in Op Fresco? Yep, News at 10 talks about the Army being called out to fight fires. If Reid wants to draw attention to the Army in his speech, fair enough, but stop calling them "The Armed Services" because they're not. They're an armed service, and we've got more than one of them.

    Regardless, it was a great speech. Spot on with regards to the sheer volume of bandwagon jumpers on the negative publicity train. It's just shame that due to it being intelligent, well-argued and true that it won't receive the same amount of publicity as Jordan's tits or what Beckham's had tattooed on his arse this week.
  7. Ah Rollmat Wrestler the irony, was Percy Pongo manning the camera phone for THAT joining run?

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