John Rambo

If you haven't seen the preview for the latest Rambo movie, get yer cap !
What an awesome bloodfest, not only does he rip a guy's throat out with his bare hands, he punches a dude's head clean off (I thought that could only be done with a 44 magnum the most powerful handgun in the world).
Old Sly has done it again, there is hope for us all, it looks like he may have made amends for Rocky Balboa and hopefully there won't be any token joke black rappers in the mix which seems to be en vogue for today's action flix.
Eat it up, you know you love it.


Sir, do we get to win this time?


Lantern Swinger
Actually I don't love it. Stallone is joke and the sooner he drops away into obscurity the better. I'll grant you that Tango and Cash was ok but everything else he's done has been based on his ability to sneer as if someones doing something nasty to his rectal passage. He was a very poor choice for Judge Dredd, the greatest hero of 2000AD, and he's as wooden as a tree. Still, each to their own - now, where did I put my Brideshead Revisited DVD collection? :lol:
I tend to agree with Jambosun on this one. Most of stallone's movies are very same, same. Cliffhanger and the one he did in the tunnel weren't too bad and neither was T & C but this business of knocking out four or five versions of the same movie has got to stop somewhere.

Rambo: First Blood was excellent and I'm not talking about the kill ratio (most were wounded anyway). The story was an telling message wrt the plight and treatment of V.Vets. Regrettably he has never even come close to that mark since.

IMHO ... naturally.

Do miss our Arnie! COMMANDO!

Enjoyed the scene where the yellow car he pushed off the road was one minute all bent and when he drove away it was showroom condition again.

A great comedy movie.

Not forgettingTrue Lies that was really all awesome
Short of a few bob or not, and whether we think the movies are crap, they still draw people in and thats all that count to them.

I enjoyed true lies though ... possibly because stallone wasn't in it.

I enjoyed true lies though ... possibly because stallone wasn't in it.

***drool*** Jamie Lee Curtis ***drool* when she did the spy act in the hotel I wish the movie rating was an 18+... :D she rocks....
JLC??? I'm assuming that you are very old indeed if you're sticking to the general rule of drooling over younger women.

Call yourself a matlot? Shame on you. Go find yourself a much younger woman.

Have never watched any of them , cant understand a word the cxxt is saying , havent watched any of the Star Wars Films either , no interest whatsoever , shite , off to bed , sorry chaps & ladies . 8)
mrsandeel said:
When's it out?
You still think the avatar is ok .... It has absolutely nothing to do with SB, even if MOD ossiffers have decreed it so. I had already told you it was a shit thing to do, so you obviously don't give a toss. In which case, fuck off! You are better joining the RAF SAS. Cnut.
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