John McLeman drowned 1921 Sydney

Discussion in 'Nearest & Dearest' started by jaymacel, Aug 19, 2013.

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  1. Hi
    I am trying to trace my Great uncles Navy record. When we were looking at a list of medals issued we found a John McLeman. Written in the comments I C 1465 / 1921 does anyone know what that means?
  2. Welcome, Jay.

    Am I right in understanding that John McLeman was your Great Uncle?

    Where was your Great Uncle born?
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  3. Yes he was from Avoch, Scotland
  4. I think that IC refers to the 'Index Casualty' number in the Naval Records for Wills.
  5. That could be it. As he drowned in 1921, the record we found could be him. It said he was Rank L S, No. 2987A, Service No. 4054/TS . Can we get to the his records.
  6. Just been told it could have drowned in Sydney, Nova Scotia, and he could have been in the RNR
  7. Doesn't seem to be on the deceased roll for 1921 at Navy Net History??????? Just found out that he might have been in the Merchant navy ???? So that would account for him not being on the RN deceased roll!
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  8. The mystery is solved. I did find a record of him on the National Archive. I decided to get a record of a John McLeman with the wrong date of birth. When I got the record it was him when he was in the Royal Navy Reserve, he joined in 1910 when he was 16 but he told them he was born 2 years before, that would make him 18 years old.
    On there I found that he had served on the Europa all during WW1 and that he had gone down with a ship called the Amelia J which was last seen off Jervis Bay, NSW on the 5 September 1920.
    Thanks all for your help
  9. Thanks Scouse, I found that info. On his Navy Record it says ' Borda Australia ( with a number above, 135340) AB 2-6-20 Vic Dks. I read that as, he sailed out on the Borda on that date and went to Sydney. The Borda did dock in Sydney in Aug 1920 a few weeks before the Amelia J set sail. I think the Borda was used as a troop ship and went back into normal service around that time. This record is on his RNR page. Could he have been hired to deliver the ship back to Australia?
    This two page record I have list his RNR service and his WW1 service. I cannot read the headings very well, just some of the hand written stuff. Do you know where I could get a look at a clear record form?

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