john heron

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by franko, Apr 2, 2012.

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  1. some of the older guys may have served with John , John lived in Port Glasgow Scotland ,sadly John passed away this morning , no other detail at the moment ,but i will keep you posted
  2. John (Jock) will be laid to rest on Saturday 14TH April at 10 am.The service will be held in St John R.C shore street Port Glasgow, John will be laid to rest at knocknair cemetery, followed by refreshments in the local Hibs hall afterwards.
  3. Would this 'George' Heron by any chance? Ex Walrus...
  4. not George heron
  5. Is this the chap who left as an LC1 about 2002-3?
  6. John was LC1 and left about 2002-3 dont know exactly when he retired mate
  7. Then I knew him.
    RIP Royal
  8. Clanky, a thread is running on Once a Marine with the detail below. A great run ashore and another taken far too early

    RIP mate.....

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  9. Thanks timex
  10. Thanks

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