Jocky Wilson Dies

Jocky Wilson has died at the age of 62.
Double 11, double Tops......what a finish! * *

Jocky Wilson has died at the age of 62.
The title of Scotland's oldest man now passes to 54 year old Hamish Weir of Perth. * *

If only Jocky had been on the pitch at Stamford Bridge yesterday
He may have had a chance. * *

Ba Bum Tish.​
Do you remember when Top of the Pops put a huge picture of him behind Dexys Bombay Runners when they were performing "Jackie Wilson says"
IT was a moment to treasure. Jocky with his belly hanging over his belt, a burning fag in one hand, an overloaded ashtray on a nearby table bearing pints of lager with vodka chasers. Jocky hits 180 and the comnentator yells "What an athlete this man is!"

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