Jock Stewart

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by tufty, Oct 21, 2006.

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  1. Did anyone know Buffer Jock Stewart? If you knew him, then you knew him! He was the buffer on HMS Birmingham during first commission in 1978 - 80 and after that on the Liverpool. He was also heavily involved with the Field Gun (real one - not Brickwoods) Very sorry to have to report that I heard today that he died in hospital in London last Wednesday. He should have been at the Trafalgar Night dinner in the home club on Friday and didn't show up. More than that I don't know - maybe more on the Field Gunners site.
  2. Hi,

    Yes remember him well from Ruby's in the 70's and 80's, a larger than life character, but, a true gentleman.
    I am sure he'll find a good bunk up top with the good guys, he'll be splicing clouds for the Big Man, look out for the Cumulo Nimbus shaped like a Turks Head.

  3. He was the Buffer on Liverpool when I was an OOW.
    His famous reply to the Jimmy when asked what had happened when someone cocked up was "The fcuking fcukers fcuking fcuked it, Sir"

    I always remember him paying some locals (with his own money) to paint the ships side in Jamaica, so his lads could have time for a make & mend

    A social hand grenade a cocktail parties

    Always looked out for his "lads" & tried to insulate them from a psycopath 1st Lt

    A bugger to try & control when you were supposedly in charge as Fo'c'sle Officer or i/c RAS party as a junior Officer

    Buffer, BEM

    edited for stipid speeling mistakes
  4. As an Obituary that is perfect, shame it won't make the Obit pages in the Telegraph
  5. Thats a real shame if its true about Jock. He was a scary man to me as a sprog back in 87 on the RAS rig. At least if he swore at you it meant he liked you! I met him years later in the bar on Edinburgh train station(the name escapes me but it was always toppers with Jack on Fri afternoons!)and I missed my train cos he made me drink with him!! It was well worth it as his dits were top line. 8O
  6. Jocks funeral is in the church on Whale Island on Thursday at 1400. His ashes are going to be scattered on the rose garden there. I was in the same mess as him on HMS Birmingham and got on with him like a house on fire - he used to refer to me as "the pinky simp" !!!!

    RIP Jock "Russell" Stuart BEM

  7. Belay my last about Jocks funeral. I'm now told its at 1000 in Whale Island on Thursday morning and Friday afternoon at 1400 by the rose garden for the scattering of his ashes.

    "The pinkie simp" as he used to refer to me - a clear indication that he liked me !
  8. Only ever spoke to him twice and he was in a good mood both times. What more can you ask for? :lol:
  9. Thanks Tuffers for reproducing that, he looks a little greyer than I remember him, but, then again aren't we all

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