Jock of the FAA???

This is a particularly exciting time for the UK Carrier Strike project and for the Royal Navy’s return to fixed wing flying from the sea, post the demise of the Harrier,” said Capt Jock Alexander, the Carrier Strike and Aviation advisor on the Naval Staff. The Carrier Strike and Aviation advisor on the Naval Staff.:-| Maybe Jock is a bigwig in the Wafu World???? or an ex jockey or looker. New to me!!
JA is a exceptional helo pilot
Sounds a lot better than 'below average fixed-wing pilot', doesn't it :-D

Banter aside, however, I do agree with the sentiments expressed regarding Jock. Nice bloke but where did he buy those gongs? The only problem I have now is seeing people of our ilk as Captains and even Admirals. I should have tried harder at school and spent more time studying boats and stuff, rather than out-wedging the wobbleheads in the Wardroom Bar :angel7:

Ho hum, I'll just have to content myself with the Japanese lovelies running round and tending to my needs, rather than a bunch of hairy-arsed sailors checking their diaries to see when they can fit my 'request' into their busy schedules :)
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