Who has ever come across a "Jobsworth" in civvy street?

My story concerns a Little Chef restaurant, where I was having brekkie. The place was very busy, and a guy came and sat on one of the few vacant seats, which happened to be on the table next to mine. When the waiter eventually came to take his order, the conversation went something like this :
Customer : I'll have a plain omlette, and some tea please.
Waiter : We haven't got any omlettes Sir.
Customer : No omlettes? Why's that then?
Waiter : We've run out. What would you like instead?
Customer : I don't want anything else, I want an omlette!
Waiter : I told you Sir, we haven't got any omlettes.
Customer : What? This is Little Chef, and you haven't got any eggs?
Waiter : Oh yes Sir, we've got eggs, but we haven't got omlettes.
Customer : (Incredulous voice now reaching stage volume) But omlettes
are made from eggs, so why can't I have one?
Waiter : We're not allowed to make omlettes from eggs Sir. Our omlettes
are frozen, then microwaved. It'd be more than my job's worth
to make one from eggs!

Little Chef - where customer service comes ........... err ........... ???
According to today's SCUM, Jamie Oliver is preparing a £20 million bid for the ailing motorway grub chain "so he can revamp it's greasy spoon menu". Oh well, another establishment to avoid then....
My other half is a transport manager for a big food distribution service. And the shite that some places order is shocking. The omelette thing I already knew about, but they also deliver frozen ready-made mashed potato, ready peeled eggs for salads and even ice.

I know a lot of people don't like Jamie Oliver, but at least he can cook a bloody omelette!

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