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What sort of careers did you have after retiring from the 'pusser'? I spent a year in 'Bowyers Pies' office in Plymouth then 17 as a Rating Inspector for the Plymouth City Coucil. So when I took early retirement I got a golden handshake and another pension. I loved it, my own boss, travelling around the city by car and meeting lots of lovely people.
Shift manager, large midlands food factory (soul destroying) 18 months.
Executive officer Civil Service, 2 years. OK
Catering officer, large private school (great, but contracted out and I didn't agree with the contracting bosses' ethos) 6 months.
Catering Manager, private psychiatric hospital, 6 years. OK
Supplies Officer, same hospital, 10 years. OK
Retired 13 years - absolutely the best!

Copper. Camaradarie, military discipline, ongoing training.... free uniform, free house, bloody nice cars to swan about in; blue lights are fantastic for doing all sorts of things. Unlimited petrol allowance, ain't mine..local taxpayer foots the bill (hang on, I must pay some of that..what the hell).
Downside..11% of earnings went into pension fund...but that really was worth it..cheque for £70+K in the bank a week after retiring and a fair monthly pension that keeps me in everything I was used to. Yeah..pretty good decision a month before I left the mob. Bloody good four weeks piss-up at Catterick Garrison doing a resettlement course. All in all not a bad couple of career moves since leaving school at 16.
I've had a few over the last 12 years

NHS IT Job - utter crap, laziest bunch I've ever worked with (6 mths)
ESSO - Communications Controller - lousy money (12 mths)
Network Support Manager (software house) (6 mths)
Senior LAN Technician (Bank)(12 mths)
IT Consultant (freelance)(4yrs)
Business Continuity Management Consultant - Big 4 Consultancy (18mths)
Business Continuity Management Consultant - IT Consultancy(9 mths)
Service Continuity Manager - Oil Company(17 mths - so far)

I have moved around a lot but always in the right direction.

Real Estate in Florida. Sun, pools bikini clad girls, fishing 10 months of the year, golf for 10 pounds.with a cart, pitchers of beer 3 pounds,
petrol 1 1/2 quid a gallon, SUNSHINE, (remember that).......list goes on
Only just left the mob in August,working as an ICT technician at a state school. Plus side is it has a CCF so still get to play at being in the mob,just had a week in Faslane with the cadets,it was great!


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Civilian Crime Prevention Officer with Notts Police for 8 years,loved it
Medically retired due to an injury that I sustained in the Mob rearing its ugly head again.
Nice golden handshake from the Police,retired and living in Spain for the last 7 years.
Straight from Pusser onto North Sea Rigs (BP Forties Charlie). Earned enough to persue my love of recreational flying at Aberdeen Dyce airport. Decided to take it up professionally, and did so. Flew as a Charter pilot for several years, and finished up as company pilot for a radio station in Essex.
Now retired, and living in sunny Cyprus, where the beer is still only £1.25 a pint, and I get change from £30 when I fill my car up with petrol! And current temperature as I write this (0756gmt) 78'f!
Left the mob in 95 & went to work in security for the RMs for the next 6 years before leaving that to take up my present job in Derriford Hospital Theatres 7 years ago , working now in the Plastic & Reconstructive Theatres down in the Freedom unit , love it , surrounded by chicks all day & witness some amazing work , loads of job satisfaction & enjoy the job so thats me untill retirement hopefully :thumright: :thumright: :thumright:
After the mob was a period of unemployment thanks to the last recession. (3 months.)

Then worked in a High Street Bank getting bored fartless. (6 months).

Next was the British Red Cross, great job, crap wages, had to leave, salary was that bad. (10 months).

Finally, Civil Service, crap job, good wages but work shifts. penalties to pay I suppose. (2nd pension).

Hate the idea of retirement, how to cope with mass boredom? I get bored rigid when on my hols how do you cope with the rest of your life?


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I only left this year, was accepted as a Training Consultant for a Standard Setting Body. By the time I started the job, due to cross-organisational restructure the job had become one of Project Manager (which was an occupation I had avoided like the plague because it sounded so bloody tedious and for which I wasn't qualified) It's turned out to be the second best job of my life and by far the most satisfying; almost total independence and autonomy, huge financial responsibility, complete trust to run my projects how I want; employing who I want when I want and about £10k worth of internationally accredited training in 6 months. A big emphasis on quality has restored my trust that big organisation can be run properly.

All that and the same wage I was on in the mob, a supportive HR structure, expenses that cover every penny, a company car, two offices, several administrators and better pension than the service one, I work harder and for longer hours than I ever did in the mob but am unbelievably happy, I'd recommend it to anyone.
After I left I did the following;
Close protection in London. Good money but bloody boring apart from just one occasion when fists had to fly.
Martial Arts instructor, still do a bit.
Sales supervisor for a holiday firm, 2 years.
Works supervisor in an engineering factory, 7 years.
At the age of 40 I became a Police Officer in Manchester. I had a commendation from GMP for a terrorist incident I helped them with so getting in was a breeze. Had some great car chases but got injured out thanks to an Asian giving his missus a driving lesson. She certainly brought our traffic car to a sudden halt but the injury pension I now get is great.
I stayed retired for 6 years before going back to the Railways which is where I worked before the Mob. I now drive trains on the Great Western and am paid lots of money for doing so. The good thing is that we only work a 35 hour 4 day week and I am guaranteed the best seat on the train. It's a great job and you don't have any bosses looking over your shoulder.
Just over 2 years to go before I retire early and live full time in my French Chateau. Yes, honest!
Do I still miss the Mob. You bet I do. One of the best things I ever did.
(granny) said:
What sort of careers did you have after retiring from the 'pusser'? I spent a year in 'Bowyers Pies' office in Plymouth then 17 as a Rating Inspector for the Plymouth City Coucil. So when I took early retirement I got a golden handshake and another pension. I loved it, my own boss, travelling around the city by car and meeting lots of lovely people.
On leaving I had one month before taking up an overseas appointment.
"Sign on" my girl friend advised Sign on the dole she said you can do. So I did ,knowing that Pymouth had crippling unemployment.
I've come to collect the dole I said.
Not as straightforward as that the gentleman replied.
But I only have a month before I leave and Plymouth has the most terrible
job prospects.

You've just come out of the navy?
Yes I replied
So how would you like to be a Lifeguard on Plymouth Hoe.
Smart uniform and pays well.
OK I said So I got the job.
On the way out he asked . By the way-- Iassume you can swim.
That was my first and only one-month long job
My girl-friend was not best pleased as the smart uniform attracted too much competition from the opposite sex from her point of view


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I left the mob in 1984 and went back to college and trained as a plumbing and heating engineer.
I had a few years moving between building sites and larger commercial site.
And then I started my own business which I ran for 17 years...Never again will I go self employed. I was worn out physically and mentally. I never seemed to get a moments piece and quiet. I couldn't go to the pub without some twat asking me how to repair the boiler or a dripping tap
I started to cringe when the phone rang even though it was bringing more work in for me. :frustrated:
So just over two years ago, I shut the business down and went to work as a service engineer for a large multi national company, The hours are regular, my wages go into the bank at the end of the month and I get PAID holidays, along with the company car, blackberry and a uniform.

Oh and the money that I had left over from the business went on a nice holiday for the family in Florida, and a new car :thumright:
Left the Mob in August, Started as an Avionic Design Engineer for Marshall Aerospace in Cambridge. Completed the resettlement course earlier this year and was offered the job at the end, they waited 6 months for me to leave. Job consists of designing and oveseeing the implementation of aircraft avionc modifications.
Equal pay as I was on in the Mob, plus my pension. Also joined company pension. Not been away yet, daily commute a bit of a pain (A14) but great company to work for Happy as "Larry". No more trips to the "Stan".
Left the mob in april 07 worked for serco at prestwick for 2 months to tide me over till i started my second career.I am curently an avionics technician with BAE systems in saudi arabia.Earning more than i was in the RN and its tax free of course plus i have my pussers pension to invest every month ,free food and accomodation swimming pools gymnasium etc plus company pension scheme.Without a shadow of doubt the easiest job i ever had ,plus the expat lifestyle sress free.


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Scrumpy said:
I left the mob in 1984 and went back to college and trained as a plumbing and heating engineer.
I left in 85 and did the same course. A year later I got a plumbing job on a building site and lasted a mere 10 days, only to pass the selection process and get into the Fire Service; which is what I intended before leaving the mob.

22 years later I'm still in the FS waiting for my retirement in 4 years. Big Money!!

From there I'm hoping to make a some small income as RNR. Who knows...FTRS...?!

So full circle.

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