Jobs out of trade

How many different jobs did you do in the mob that weren't your trade.
excluding buffers / Reggies runner.

I did

Aircraft Corrosion team
Airday Co - Ordinating team
Squadron Staff Office
Sickbay documents section
you could get lists as long as your arm here chock. Being a small ship rating we have (as with alot of other trades) many hats which we wear. My best out of branch job was buffers party at white hall, only got a few weeks of it though, until i was bundled off to a big ship (Beaver) as emergency relief. Actually thinking about it that was a cracking draft too. as MW they didnt know what to do with me.
Whilst waiting to start my RP2's course at Dolphin I was FOSM's Gardener and Car washer for four weeks. Was paid milage to drive to his Mansion each day and victualed in for lunch. Late tot back Dolphin.

I was also for a short time RO's Training Classroom Sweeper in Dolphin where they did their, if my memory serves me correct Biffers, morse training. RS, God his job was hard, in charge and A/B Head tea maker, sweeper and marker. The Sparkers did not upset me or I cheated on the marking.

Buffers Party HMS TERROR, 0630 til 1300, BLISS

Fire and Health and safety Officer at RNH Stonehouse 9 til 5 No week ends. BLISS.

Unoffical Laundry Officer.. ( cos I could speak a little Cantonese). He spoke Mandarin, so we spoke Chinglish.. Fun lots of BLANDY and no dhoby bill.


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1975 Royal Tournament - washing up. We referred to ourselves as Pans People and the Royal Navy Dishwashing Display Team.

Boats Party at Falmouth for RNAS Culdrose (until caught one weekend hiring the Skippers motor boat out!)

FAA Exhibition Team, 3years. Was earning £12 per day as a PO(A)+ £13 per day subs. That paid for the deposit on my my first house.......................


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tufty said:
1975 Royal Tournament - washing up. We referred to ourselves as Pans People and the Royal Navy Dishwashing Display Team.

There were two POs, two Killicks and a load of ABs, and ODs. We were to do the washing up and the pan wash. A similar set up existed in the dining halls with the Pongos, two SGTs, two CPLs etc and they would lay/clear tables etc. - usual dining hall party stuff.

The idea was to have two watches and work alternate days with a PO and a Killick in each watch.

We had a meeting and decided that if we forgot about the badges, we could make three watches and work one day in three so we all wore T shirts without badges so no-one would know who was who and it worked no problem. One of the Pan Wash ABs was a guy called Pooley BTW who was in the Ark Royal documentary in the 70's.

The Pongos couldn't handle dropping their stripes for the duration so they did 1 in 2 :)

The dishwasher had to be flashed up an hour before use so that the water was hot which meant getting up an hour early and then doing nothing while it warmed up. So when it was my turn, I asked the Pongo SGT to flash it up for me as he would be already in, which he agreed to do.

I came down an hour later with my watch and we sent the first lot of breakfast plates through. Thats when we found out that the SGT had also unwittingly put Teepol in it as well instead of the usual no-foaming powder, and not just a little bit !

The dishwasher, a big industrial machine, disappeared under a mountain of bubbles which were coming out of both ends and we had to wash up by hand the rest of the morning whilst we sorted it out !

Royal Navy Dishwashing Display Team - we put a good show on that day ... !



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Peri-photo photographer
Intel camera user (Ship's photographer)
Reg office writer
Guard Commander
PR assistant!

Glad I did the photography stuff as it gave me a good grounding for my job nowadays. :thumright:


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Was loan drafted to Flag Officer Portsmouth (longest cap tally in the Fleet!) to work as Captain of Portsmouth's boat crew, which also included being retinue staff at his house (No. 1 The Parade, HMNB). LS(M) as coxswain, LCH as house manager, and two ODs as goffers. Did that job for about 3 months in '87, prior to my Part III training at Dryad.

Was QM/Tour Guide on board HMS Victory in '89 (the last year matelots did all jobs on board, rather than Corps of Tour Guides). I learned so much about naval history and was proud to give members of the public a good time; some of the younger, fitter and female ones even had some good times down below in the hold... :wink:

Between '93-'95 I worked as a coxswain at Portsmouth (West) Sailing Centre in Royal Clarence Yard, teaching dinghy and powerboating to RYA standards.

In '96 I worked at Whale Island as Dryad's yacht boatswain (Sea Nymph).

And throughout my career I've worked on board establishments and ships as Buffers' Party, Ship's Painter and Reg Office Writer on a few occasions.

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