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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by chapmand, Jun 8, 2009.

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  1. I am trying to find out about how SAR works in the RN??

    Is there a full time position which is purely SAR or is it part of the job and just one of many duties?
    I know in the RAF the SAR teams are purely SAR but i don't know how it works in the RN.
    Can you apply to join the Navy and go straight into SAR or is it a role which is part of another job?
    I know there are plans to privatise UK SAR starting in 2012 so how will this affect the RN SAR teams?
    It'd would be really helpful if someone who is involved in RN SAR could shed some light on this because its hard to find out much from websites and careers offices.
    Thanks, Dave Chapman
  2. There's no way to guarantee on entry that you'll end up working SAR, with officer aircrew you've no guarantee you'll be streamed sea king and with rating air crew you've no guarantee you'll ever be allowed to do it.

    If SAR is what you want and you won't accept anything else, go the RAF route.
  3. SAR Aircrewmen in the FAA are a very rare and special breed,"Ace of the base" so to speak. Much admired by their other fellow aircrewmen and groundcrew alike. SAR aircrewmen Diver (if they still have them) are God like!!!!! :salute: :salute:
  4. Thanks for the replies guys, sounds like its pretty hard to get into RN SAR, especially if the aircrew are the 'ace of the base'! I guess like anything in the forces there are no guarantees and you get streamed where they want you.
    Do the SAR aircrew only do SAR or do they do other jobs aswell?
  5. Shedloads FBX Navex Cassex Sootax Veetacs Plotex Winchex Vertrep Revrep :wink: :wink: Didtacs Match Strike AOP loadlifting Phot Postie.Might have forgot a few?? WASPIE will be along shortly Ps you have to be a good allrounder in the ACR Ref/bar Coffee,Nutty, Uckers,Bridge Etc :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. Only in there own mirrors :D
  7. And a few more on top of Scouses!!!!

    As for the Crabs being dedicated SAR.

    Not so.

    They too have to qualify as a Wet or dry operator, in Dimrods or the like. Then they can opt to take the SAR route.

    Once in the RN SAR circuit you do tend to revolve around them when not front line.

    771 is the A1 PR squadron, sorry SAR flight with a dedicated unit at Prestwick Scotland. The television series on Ch5, Highland Rescue is their tale of daring do!!!

    Being a RN SAR diver is the elite. Something I never aspired to. They live in a permanent state of earning bravery medals. They deserve every last one of them for the jobs they do daily never mind the high profile jobs like the Zebrugger disaster and many many others.

    There are some good threads by serving crewies about selection and training. If I can dig it out I'll add it to this post later. But it ain't easy, it wasn't easy in Scouse or my day but now it looks even harder, both in complexity and length of training.

    Found it, Give this a read.
    The posts by afgan are the informative parts about current crewies.
  8. There are no such things as SAR divers anymore.
  9. Well how the F**K do they get away with that??? at Fixed wing flying stations on the Ark and Lusty ??? Re planeguard duty. They had better pull their fingers out and man up on the 2 new Carrriers.!!! Ps No shiney arsed desk job reply is needed to my last :x :x
  10. SAR divers didn't exist fir fixed wing flying, they existed for something else complete different - it was just they were used when they were free for that task. With the drawdown in Ship's Divers a couple of years ago and the subsequent loss of Acmn with at least 500 minutes diving time, the requirement was looked at, and the capability gapped.

    I'm not shiny arsed, rather midge-ridden in Jockland....
  11. I suppose it saves divers jumping from 200 ft MSL on the downwind leg when the crewie pats his shoulder to see if the diver is OK.

    Happened when I was on POQC's. One diver plummeting sea wards with an unscheduled stop at Trelisk hospital after! Now that had to hurt!

    For those that are not aware, two taps on the shoulder signifies the command to dispatch the diver from the door into the sea. When your in the training environment you are so wound up, whats in a tap!

    It would save the MoD a few quid too. The pay of a Chief aircrewman Pinger/SAR diver must have a fortune these days!!!!! 8O
  12. :oops: quote "Capability gapped" :roll: :roll: Who gets the pilot/observer out of the oggin PDQ after ditching/ejection????? We had 2 safely back onboard in the sickbay after ejecting and the cab was still flying overhead the Carrier .Thanks to the SAR/Diver/crewman and pilot :wink: :wink:

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