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After reading a post last night reference pay in civvy street I got to thinking. I know of probably a hundred jobs out here that a Senior Rate could step into tomorrow which would pay at least what he/ she was on in the service and yet I didn't when I was in. In fact I got quite anxious after putting my notice in - but there was no way I was about to stay in the shower of shite oufit that used to be the FAA, no offence. I fell into this line of work and it's good.

I thought it may be appropriate if people who have left, posted a quick dit about their employment sector and the opportunities that are available which would benefit those thinking or about to leave.

I'm a Project Manager, there are hundreds of different disciplines for project management out here so I won't bore you with my particular sector. I fell into this line of work and did little prep for it in service and none as part of my resettlement, in fact I applied for one job and was given another, my employer then paid/ pays for my PM training; they, not I, saw my potential for this work.

I control my own hours but am contracted for 35 per week, most PM's work like this, I define how many hours I work on each project, I currently have 3 projects and have just prepared a project plan and contract for another. My average working hours are nearer 45-50 than 35 but I'm salaried so no overtime but I pretty much decide when I do those hours, the industry is target driven.

In your last couple of years of service I would recommend doing some, if not all of these courses: PRINCE2 Practitioner, APM Introductory Certificate, Microsoft Project and Primavera 6. Then without doubt join APM and start to develop your PDR and a portfolio, put a cost to your projects. We all get to manage projects at some level in service, they just aren't appropriately seperated from day-to-day business.

So, who is employing Project Managers, well everyone, some sectors are on the up and some are on the way down these companies are all looking for different levels from small to huge construction projects, jobs are available for schedulers, junior, intermediate and senior project managers.

CB&I, Worley Parsons, Aker Kvaerner (Aker Solutions), Snamprogetti, KBR, Foster Wheeler, MW Kellog, KBR, Fluor, Stone & Webster, Bechtel and there are loads more like Aitken Engineering etc etc but these are off the top of my head.

All of these companies have their own recruitment and HR sections, my recomendation would be to send in a good CV but not directed at any particular ad (they all have websites if you google them) Explain that you are leaving and ask for advice, tell them what you want, they will be responsive as all have vacancies and are looking for people with leadership, maturity, flexibility, experience, reliability etc. all skills and traits that an ex-service person should posses. If they want you they will invest in your training should they see shortfalls. Experienced engineers/ technicians with extensive leadership/ management experience is who they are often looking for, so ex Chief Tiffs of all pursuasions fit the bill perfectly.

Hope that helps somebody, it would be nice to see some other sector advice below, I don't believe there is a need for anyone to fall into the Defence Industry trap of employing people based on their service pension, its fundamentally wrong yet they get away with it constantly because people see it as secure reliable employment that they can walk into. Things are a changing!

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