Jobs for the girls.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by bigbaddog, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. What is it with you guys? First it's Kathy 'Wooden Top' West and now it's pole dancing ..


    Sorry, but it doesn't look that hot to me.
  2. Well, I am rather taken by the final photo on that link :thumright:

  3. Gordon Bennett!! I thought this was a website for Navy stuff. :sleepy1:
  4. It's no big deal Wardmaster. There are a great many posts on RR that have nothing to do with RN per se, as you well know, because like most of us you have contributed to them BBD is having a bit of fun, and the Gash Barge is off the front page so no harm done. :thumright: Here is one of yours you old perv!

  5. Sorry going back to thread,
    PS sports Massage artist for NZ AllBlacks team! Anybody...seriously anybody...OK, I will choke and stay optimistic!
    PPS They have too!!!

    :afro: We will win!!
  6. Are you always pissed, please explain the above, in English, thank you.
  7. Thought this was the Fun Bit....okay - so here's a photo of some hard up
    matelots busking in Covent Garden. Can't beat a Hornpipe can yah??


    Now, where's my methaqualone? :crazy:
  8. I believe she is referring to the Bledisloe Cup match tonight. I'll put my hand up for the job of massaging the All Blacks! And I live with in walking distance of Eden Park. How convenient! :thumright:

    Drooling over keyboard now........ :slow:
  9. Whoever those three are, they don't look too happy. Another fine moment in the whole RN in the Public Eye ... bet it brought in loads of recruits!!


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