Jobs boost for the navy


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Jobs boost for the navy

Jeremy Dunning Business Editor

ONE of the largest recruitment campaigns in the training sector has been launched to find instructors, trainers and teachers to work on a major new contract with the Royal Navy.

The £40m contract for training specialist Flagship is set to create hundreds of new jobs at naval establishments throughout the south, including HMS Collingwood in Newgate Lane, Fareham.

The jobs will be created as Flagship takes over the role of planning and helping in the delivery of more than 900 courses for new and existing naval personnel.

The first tranche to recruit 85 jobs is already under way but up to 350 roles will transfer directly to Flagship.

The massive recruitment campaign just launched is for instructors and training support staff in areas from warfare to fire fighting, engineering and communications.

The new contract builds on the existing relationship between Flagship and the Royal Navy, which began 10 years ago.

Flagship's managing director Dave Mitchard said the contract marked the start of a new era of further expansion for Flagship, which currently employs 1,600 people.

The company will also be able to offer the training package to customers outside the Royal Navy.

He said: 'This is not just about saving money for the Royal Navy, it is also about improving and modernising training through innovation.

Maybe I'm just being thick , but just how are Royal Navy jobs being boosted here?

This is not really a RN jobs boost, but the effect of the Training Delivery Business Case and the transferring of instructional and training support duties to Flagship Training Ltd (FTL).

Basically, FTL will carry out those functions once carried out by the RN and Civil Service instructors; the Civil Servants will be transferred to FTL whilst the RN staff will go back to sea/waterfront or wherever.
Just as well Jack no longer needs these harmony time billets any more. I am sure they would all rather be at sea avoiding the wife and kids.

Good news story in the Navy?


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Harmony billets went with the arrival of the Topmast Squads. Sea shore ratio is now managed by the ships.


Flagship job interview: " You've got your pension , you don't need any more than £15,000 a year".

Yeah, cheers for that.


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You pay peanuts, you get monkeys.
The goverment ought to encourage Flagship to pay to their employees,
We would all leave the RN and work for Flagship,
There would be no one left to train,
The gov would cease the Flagship contract and save money all round,
F***ing brilliant.


flatscrubber said:
I wish when i left the Navy i'd started Flagship.
The directors must be worth millions now,a license to print money!!

Yet another blank cheque , NHS is just the same blank cheques flying all over the place ,


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snowler said:
Flagship job interview: " You've got your pension , you don't need any more than £15,000 a year".

Yeah, cheers for that.

True, eductation and training is all to do woith how much money can be screwed out of the government and train to the lowest level permisable

Deleted 493

snowler said:
Flagship job interview: " You've got your pension , you don't need any more than £15,000 a year".

Yeah, cheers for that.

Precisely. And when you look at the level at which they want these instructor billets, is there any wonder that say, a CPO leaving after 22 with full pension (£12k pa commuted) is only offered £24k pa as a wage by these clowns? The training design and planning jobs are no better. I spoke with one of the Resettlement Staff recnetly and he said exactly the right thing ... the pension goes under the table when negotiating for the wage. You have spent 22+ years earning that and it isn't effectively part of your future job renumeration. Flagship should learn that when the Navy employs instructors, they pay them for their expertise, and they should do the same. The new PFI fun-and-games will see more 'recruitment' by the consortium. Watch the pisspoor offers tabled to lure Jack out of the mob.


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