Jobless couple with 12 children are given a £500,000 home

Yes SgtP it's Slim again and it's from the Wail:

However is this really what the welfare system brought in by a Labour government after the second world war is for?

What I want to know is why is he being paid Job Seekers allowance when it is obvious that he has no intention of seeking a job?

Edited to add:
Do I blame the couple for being idle?
No they are being sensible, why work when you are penalised. The real problem lies in the social security system which has been designed to allow this to happen.
The house is in Newbury - hasnt that suffered from flooding recently ?

Also, how come they have been re-housed at the tax payers expense after one of THEIR kids burnt the last house down ?

Perhaps SSAFA should let them live in the new £2.5million house they bought near Headley Court - see how long the Nimbys take to complain then.......

The couple then had seven of their own: twins Parris-Jordan and Kesla Blu, eight; twins Mason and Peaches, six; Logan, four, and the three-year-old twins Skye and Kalifornya - Poor kids, fancy having names like that.....

(When asked why they don't work, the couple say that looking after their children is a full time job. And they claim they would earn less working than they do claiming the dole. ) - Simple answer, dont have so many kids

(Mr Gillespie has revealed that he quit a job at stacking shelves at Asda before he had even started, when he realised the £300 a week he would earn would result in a £400 benefits cut. ) - Shame he has no pride in providing for his family rather than living on handouts from the tax payer

(He said: "Some people may think we're a bunch of spongers, but it's not true." His wife added: "I was born to have children, it's what I am here for." ) I'd think most people think they are scroungers and they should be neutered(sic??)

("However, their MP, Labour's Martin Salter, has said "There is no excuse for any able-bodied person to be long-term unemployed in Reading, where jobs are plentiful. "People who have large families should accept financial responsibility for that decision.") - At last an MP who speaks common sense
Another sickening read! No wonder we call it GREAT Britain. Or people like that do.
Why on Earth do they get Job Seekers allowance when they are not actively looking for work? I'm led to believe that this is a requirement before any authority hand over any money? These people admit that they would be worse off if they worked!! (Which is true but...shame, can't we all do what they're doing?) Tired of reading and hearing about scroungers like this....... :threaten:
The problem is the parents would not suffer it would be the kids. The second problem is that the kids are almost guaranteed to end up as shiftless as their parents.


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Re: Jobless couple with 12 children are given a £500,000 ho

His wife added: "I was born to have children, it's what I am here for."
Good then I expect that these kids will be well adjusted youngsters since they have both their parents at home taking care of them :evil:

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