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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by donr, Dec 19, 2006.

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  1. my 18 year old daughter has just passed her entrance test but is struggling to decide either to go in as a communications and information systems specialist or as a warfare specialist.she has had all the briefs from the afco but still cant decide . any help would be much appreciated

  2. She obviously likes the sounds of both. Maybe she should consider which branch would enable her to learn better skills during her service which will translate across to civvy street more easily.

    I suspect, and others might choose to disagree, that becoming a Comms and Info Systems specialist will make her far more employable come the day of retirement that but this is just my opinion.

    Other [current] warfare branch types will be able to offer more detailed advice.

  3. Agree with SF. Comms is much more employable than a warfairy type
  4. Also, Comms requires a higher mark on the test and in my opinion would be a more interesting job. So my advice to her would be to go for that option.
  5. I'd say, if she's smart enough to be able do to CIS, then do it. But if warfare grabs her more, then she has to do what she feels will make her happy. CIS is much more employable after RN though. Obviously she needs some opinions from people in each trade.

    Point her in the direction of this site, we'll sort her out!

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