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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by who_blue, Apr 10, 2008.

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  1. Having printed out this rather hefty document I was hoping to get some feel from other members of RR who've done the JO Handbook. The guidance says there should be own research, inserts etc, everything important for fleetboard.

    Are there any tips and hints? Bits of the task book you wish you'd paid more attention to? Places you found that were handy to get the info needed?

    It all looks interesting, but a little intimidating when the idea of the Fleet Board upon it's completion is put into perspective!
  2. JO Task book: out of date and inaccurate!

    By the time you've completed BRNC, 2 weeks sea training, 3 * Task Book weekends and a couple of Amethyst weekends you should have 90% signed off.

    Fleetboard (RNR) isn't as daunting as it sounds; there's the multi-choice question paper (for which there are a number of sample question papers floating around) and the oral exam (but there is a set number of questions that always come up. List vs. Loll etc). Your JOTO should help you prepare and provide the required references.

    In 18-24 months time you'll wonder what all the fuss was about!
  3. Be sure to go to the taskbook weekends, but be aware that a lot of knowledge is expected that is not specifically addressed in the embarassingly out-of-date JO study guide (as it's labelled on the front).

    In particular, a lot of OOD/OOW knowledge is expected that can really only be gained by ensuring you ask the right questions and observe the right evolutions on your seatime. The study guide itself will probably get not much more than a cursory glance at fleetboard - the majority of it is on the oral section at which they can and will ask you whatever they like, including things that simply aren't mentioned at all in your study guide.

    Don't worry unduly about it; it's how they separate the high-fliers from the social-clubbers and the time-wasters. If you're really keen you'll go beyond the guide and be able to discuss anchor states, medals, and a host of other topics not mentioned in your study guide. If you're not quite so keen, you'll still be fine and will still get a passing grade. If you're an absolute bag, you'll fail (which does happen).

    What more can be said? The next two years have the potential to be really enjoyable; get to the weekends, do the socials, find some decent seatime and enjoy it. Once you're past fleetboard and in branch it all becomes a lot less fun.
  4. Thank you, sound advice it seems. Plenty of absorbing to come ahead then. If anyone else has any tips they'd be welcomed with hearty arms and a sniff of the port (if you can wrestle it from me).
  5. Is the JO task book available for download? Or could someone email it as an attachment please?


  6. The RNR YO task book is being brought up to date and will fall in line with the Regular Service YO task book. Hopefully this will hit the streets in the New Year. Also there is a new training matrix due to be published. Ensure you attend all the weekends that will be preparing you for BRNC (They will become a pre-requisite for attending BRNC) and all the weekends that will prepare you for your Fleetboard. Questions for the Fleetboard are also being brought up to date.
  7. Afraid I'm not that far on at the moment! I'm an URNU Mid, considering options for the future, I was interested in seeing it and having a look at the training carried out by JOs in the RNR-proper.
  8. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    My YOFB was hilarious - given 3 weeks notice to do it personally by the then Cdre having made the mistake of complaining to him about the state of YO training, (literally got a phone call saying "hi PT, Cdre RNR here).

    Somehow managed to do it in time, and got a pass - although the multiple choice question with 4 identical answers stumped me, as did having the oral with the panel in front of me and Cdr Mundane behind me both asking questions at the same time!

    Still, passed course, promptly forgot 95% of it as a total irrelevance and continue to chunder along as a grumpy young fart with no chance of promotion!
  9. What rank are you PT? And also why did a question have identical answers?!
  10. Does this mean that the training weekends coming/BRNC course in November will be inadequate for the new fleetboard?

    Also will JOTO/CO/etc be adequately prepared to give an in unit practice fleetboard if it is now changed? Not to seem like I'm complaining but from previous experience i'm very much aware that this can easily lead to people like my fellow in unit JOs and myself falling between the cracks.

    Any guidance appreciated...
  11. Who_blue. i have sent you a pm
  12. Recieved with thanks.
  13. Training weekends/BRNC aside, how will the change affect those who have already started working through the current study guide, and are expected to take the Fleetboard early next year? Will the work completed need to be adapted, or, given a certain time frame can the previous (current) study guide's work be carried forward?
  14. According to NJOTO, the JOs are being trained to the new Fleetboard.
  15. Was quite happy to hear that. Hope that the new paperwork is brought in during April though, as I don't want to have to re-work all the information I have written in its current format (hoping for Feb board). Which will mean I can leave my paper work as-is, and be safe in the knowledge that current training is focused towards the current boards.
  16. For what it's worth, consider the subject areas from a perspective of "urgency of response" for the oral bit in case you get a "chip on his shoulder sh1t" like I did.

    For example; on OOD/OOW, I was given the scenario of being OOD alongside when a fire was discovered and was expected (not unreasonably) to be able to rattle off the necessary courses of action, who I would call, what I would do etc in strict priority order, staccato fashion.

    I knew what was expected but I wasn't properly prepared for that sort of "in your face grilling" - though I accept that I probably should have been and it was a useful lesson.

    And in case anyone gets the wrong idea, I am not complaining about the question or expectations, I just thought the officer doing the interview was a bit OTT on the aggression front - subsequently found out he was a passed over Lt Cdr whose dad had made brass hat and he was frustrated that he hadn't ... he was also in his last year before retirement and didn't want to leave so probably deserves a bit of sympathy in hindsight.
  17. Gosh I always found passed over officers to be the best and most helpful. No hidden agendas, etc. Think he might have been trying to put you under pressure as the situation he was grilling you about would possibly do just that. :whew: That is why we still have an oral exam. Once upon a time it was all oral. Haven't you read or at least watched, Hornblower? :thumright:
  18. Hear what you are saying, don't disagree with it, just commenting that his attitude was a bit "chip on his shoulder".

    I learned from the experience and would like others to learn without being put through the mill the way I was.

    And by the way, I am referring to the time when it WAS all oral - 1984 to be exact
  19. I thought back in '84 there was a sword drill component?
  20. There was indeed - has that gone then?

    I also got lucky with a question on Wardroom etiquette in the event that a US diplomat was attending a mess dinner - I just happened to have stumbled across the answer whilst looking for something totally different - I think I amazed the Board by having the right answer - it was one of those obscure ones thrown in to give everyone a bit of a laugh

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