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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by seafarer1939, Feb 14, 2012.

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  1. Seems there is a bit of a rumble brewing re.Jimmy[Source Guido Faulkes] that he molested underage girls at the BBC with two other presenters,still living.
    It is alleged the programme was pulled from being aired on Newsnight or some other programme and the Boss of the BBC knew all about it.
    I don't think it's buried so it may rear it's ugly head that seems to be the way it's heading at the moment.
    It's funny how long passes before "National Treasures" are alleged to have dark sides.
    I have no idea if it's true,the guy did an amazing amount for good causes and I admire him for that.
    My point is not he did it or if the BBC covered it up it's how long we wait before we seem to shoot people down.
    If it's true it's despicable no matter how much money he has raised,if it's not I'd be surprised as Faulkes generally has his ear to mainly correct stories.
    I hope it's not true although he was a bit odd.
  2. There are rumours as to his involvement with the abuse investigation here at Haute De La Garenne children's home. Rumours I'll give you that however, why the heck was his casket buried under all that concrete. That is not normal.
  3. Rumours yes (but no smoke without fire so they say)and the bbc is keeping very tight lipped .They have actualy said they will not divulge anything at all .They reckon hes been buried under that concrete because he was buried wearing some of his gold. I personaly had no time for hime a very egotistical type of person in my mind .Besides he would not let me in the mecca in leeds
  4. I guess it depends on the gravity,nowadays patting a young girls bottom is classed as sexual abuse.It is wrong but is it the same as a pedophile?
    I don't know the law re. all this but any sexual abuse of any kind must be wrong,if he did it then he was wrong and I hope his concrete cover cracks and lets sewerage water in!
  5. FFS it was a national sport among celebs not that long ago! - Bill Wyman and Mandy Smith IIRC that was laughed at, didnt Jerry Lee Lewis Marry a Minor that he was related to? Again no big deal. Times have changed, you cant judge what people have done in the past by todays standards although it was pretty seedy. I say let it go, What can they do about it anyway.
  6. Depends who "they" are.

    If it's the Devil and all his minions, quite a lot I suspect. :violent3:

    Or he could always be subjected to an Oliver Cromwell style exhumation. :evil3:
  7. Of course having visited the Philippines, Thailand, Honki Fid, and many other assorted Asian countries whilst serving in grey funnel, we always insisted the young ladies all produced their birth certificate before we gave them the good news, didn't we?
    If he did make a mistake and give one to a jail baiter, would that be a Jim-Slip?
    And besides that do we give a flying ****, do we dig him up and pan his arse.
    Move along there is nothing to see here.:laughing2::laughing2:
  8. So did the king of pop.
  9. Jimmy Savell

    With the revelations regarding Jimmy Savell surfacing;- my wife Lesley did her training at Stoke Manderville and say's that he was a creep and weirdo of the highest order,and no female staff felt at ease in his presence and that these accusations do not surprise her in the least.But wasn't his brother a C.P.O.in the mob and I seem to recall the same accusations being leveled at him???? Anyone know more?:salut:
  10. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    'Tis strange how it can sometimes run in the family, no pun intended!
  11. So it's well and truely reared its head now. The documentary is being aired on ITV tomorrow. Does this mean that Saville Hall at CTCRM will need to be renamed?
  12. That's because Seafarer was secretly one of the girls

  13. I don't know what his estate is worth, but I'll guess its a fair few bob...........the word 'compensation'.....along with 'no win - no fee' type lawyers is my first reaction. Maybe they'll have to dig him up for that gold after all,..... lets face it, gold fetches a good price these days.
  14. Or if it's true Flags, maybe just closure for the girls involved.
  15. Coming up next. "Former crooner Andy Williams - Professional Satanist and shagger of hoofed animals."
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  16. So, you knew Mr Williams well did you?
  17. Did you not see his televised concert when he covered all of Black Sabbaths back catalogue? He could give Ozzy a run for his money I'll tell you. An absolute Satan-Rock phenomena was our Andy. "GENERALS GATHERED IN THEIR MASSES, JUST LIKE WITCHES AT BLACK MASSES!!!". Talk about head bangin'
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  18. I think we can all agree that he was a bit of an oddball but as he is dead and therefore unable to defend himself a conclusion will never be reached in a court of law and I have to ask myself, why did the accusers not come forward before now.

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