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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Jun 21, 2012.

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  1. [h=2]Comedian Jimmy Carr has issued a statement apologising for his "terrible error of judgement" in using a tax avoidance scheme.[/h]
    Earlier this week it emerged that Carr had been using an aggressive, legal scheme which enables members to pay income tax rates as low as 1%.The comic, who has famously lampooned fat cat bankers, was reportedly protecting some £3.3m a year by channelling cash through Jersey-based company K2.

    The Guardian.

    No need to apologise Jimmy over your tax affairs as you have not done anything wrong and once again Cameron shows a poor lack of judgement in condemning him, if you don't like it Dave close the legal loophole.
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  2. It’s a disgrace that these rich people avoid paying tax, who will bail out the Banks, who will provide the money for developing countries to set up factories so production can be moved from the UK to take advantage of lower labour costs, where will India and Pakistan get the money to develop nuclear weapons, the Euro parliament won pay for its self you know, and who will provide for our MPs in their retirement, if not the British tax payer, come on lads do the decent thing and cough up
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  3. Yeah, well Carr is an absolute idiot, as are the people who pay the money to see this twerp. A veritable oxygen thief.
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  4. Not a massive fan of his but if i can find a way of paying less tax legally I will do it - why should he be any different?
  5. I think his pillorying of financial institutions for doing the same thing might have something to do with it:

  6. He may not have done anything wrong legally but surely you of all people must recognise that he has behaved in a totally immoral way.
  7. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer


    His jokes are shit.
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  8. Why should I be outraged when he has not broken the law? This was just an opportunity for Cameron to get in a sound bite when in fact he is at blame for not closing these loopholes.
  9. Me too, if the Government isnt happy with tax avoidance they should start with the big companies, its hypocricy to publicly critcise an individual when, it said recently in the papers, I think it was Vodaphone, pays no tax in the UK.
  10. Finks..Cameron to blame for these loopholes? Has he brought them about since the General Election? Or is this a loophole that's always been there...I think so, dont' you. And why didn't Labour do something in the 13 years they were in power??
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  11. A friend of mine bought a DVD of his called "Being Funny". Good god. Why didn't trading standards or someone make it be, at least, re-titled, as misleading?

    I think that it's difficult, if not impossible, to justify attacking others for doing this when you are doing it yourself.
  12. Because New Labour are a bunch of twats as well and Cameron did not take power yesterday, there was a bandwagon passing and he jumped on-board thinking his double standard outrage would curry favour with the masses.
  13. You're a crap lefty. As I thought I'd implied it's not just about the law it's about morals.
  14. Banging the same old drum Guzzler, this week I am about as left as Stalin. It is my considered opinion that where paying tax is concerned morals don't come into the equation.
  15. This is NOT a news story

    Tax 'avoidance' is legal

    Tax 'evasion' is not

    No crime has been committed here

    Most human beings only want to pay the minimum amount of tax so why is he any different? the fact that he is 'minted' is in my view irrelevant

    Those human beings who like paying more tax than they need to are simply too bone to realise it and too idle to do anything about it

    far too much bleating on this subject from an 'us' and 'them' perspective
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  16. I thought we were all in it together?
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  17. IMO we all pay too much tax in this country. If Mr Cameron and his sidekick, Boy George want to bleat about the 'morality' of tax avoidance.........
    The level of fuel tax (petrol/diesel) is 'immoral'... tax on buying life insurance, or any insurance, is 'immoral', aggressive inheritance tax (anything less that £1m) is immoral,
    MP's parliamenty subsidised food/drink, is 'immoral', the compulsory BBC licence fee is 'immoral'..................and while I'm at it.................... how many RR members have at one time or another, smuggled more than their duty free ciggie/tickler allowance through the dockyard gate...............thus becoming no different than Jimmy Carr, i.e. avoiding the tax due.
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  18. Please consider my location. No we are not all in it together...

    However, Jimmy Carr has left the K2 scheme as being reported by what passes for our local independent ... cough ... media.

    I am agnostic on the whole affair here but for Cameron to jump on the bandwagon is slightly irritating. He mentions publicly the Jimmy Carr incident but seems to have forgotten Vodaphone's multi-million tax shortfall that they seem to have not paid to HMRC.
    If Mr Cameron thinks that he can garner popularity with the people by jumping on the bandwagon he is sorely mistaken. And if he thinks that people have forgotten his "Cast Iron Guarantee" on a referendum on the EU then he is even more of an idiot in my eyes too.
  19. Not me 'cos I learn't from an early age that I'm the schmuck that will always get caught. And besides that would be theft and that is illegal. Jimmy was not doing anything illegal.
  20. Point is, Carr is a gobshite anyway and not averse to having a go at others for trivial things, in the name of humour, his is crap at the best of times.

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