Jim Davidson quits after 'shirt lifter remark

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Richie, Sep 11, 2007.

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  1. Jim Davidson has left the cooking show Hell's Kitchen after rowing with with fellow contestant Brian Dowling.

    Jim said: "Why do shirt lifters pull that same face?"

    Brian asked him not to use the words "shirt lifter" because he found it "really rude".
  2. I think that Jim has been the victim of reverse homophobia. Brian Dowling (who the hell is he any way) is perhaps the worst advert for gays I have seen for years, even the girls are tougher than him.
  3. Shirt lifter is a very mild term, I'm RRs know of more descriptive terms which don't need to be repeated here. I wonder what the reaction would have been to one of these other terms. Maybe 10 lashes with the handbag.
  4. So who is the big girls blouse? The queer bloke who threw his teddy in the corner at the typically controversial Jim Davidson, or JD himself for jacking it in after handbags at dawn?

    However wrong JD might have been, people must realise that his entire life and career has relied on him being as rude, vulgar, filthy and as far away from political correctness as humanly possible!!!!
  5. Yeah, it's been great
  6. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Jim Davidson? Hmm, I thought he died of a heart atack... oh, that was Bernard Manning... well, same thing, innit?! :roll:

    I assume he's paying tax while he's back in the UK, after living as an exile in Dubai for the past several years?! 8O :lol:
  7. Brian Dowling - usless Big Brother nobody.

    Jim Davidson - Long term comedian and one of the old un-PC brigade and also one of those who respects and loves anything to do with the Armed Forces.

    I know which one I would prefer a night out with and it is not that Irish 'shirtlifter'.
  8. That explains why I'd never heard of him. He must rate as the biggest moaning wimp out, how any one can actually support him in any way is beyond me, especially the gay comunity who must be even more affronted than me by his behaviour.
  9. Met him when on a golf tour to Dubai from JSSU(Cyrpus), he came over to our table (20 of us) and gave us two hours of his time. He had the 20 of us in stitches for the time he was with us, fantastic bloke. He's 'Old School' and as you say non-PC in what is now an OTT PC country.
  10. Think you will find he was asked to leave rather than take the option to leave himself.

    Got no time for either of them, Brian is a Z list celebrity with an AA list ego, Jim (although appearing to be the forces best friend) only applies this ethos if you are a decent looking female with a nice ass to pinch.

    Have personal experience of both of the to55ers, needless to say dont watch the drivel on TV that all this has emmanated from, have better things to do with my time, such as insert sharp implements down my japs eye!!
  11. Tax? Wassat?
  12. Brian makes a lovely souffl'e dont yer know.Very light on the tongue.
  13. JD invited a few of the ships (Cornwall) company out for the night when we were in Doobers and was superb, a really good time was had my all who went and it wasn't just the Wrens he had over. Top bloke, where as that non entity Dowling, what a .......
  14. Jim Davidson, my sort of run ashore oppo.. Great guy
  15. Aren't you allowed so many days in the UK every year before you have to pay taxes?
  16. I saw JD's Show in Worthing a couple of weeks ago,and from the very start of his spot he was top notch,especially to all the fat slappers sitting in the front row,telling them to get off there fat arses and how to go about losing weight in no uncertain terms !!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Of course you thinks he's good - he's been doing the same crap for about 30 years! For example, you put a monkey in a uniform and get him stacking shelves for 30 years he'll do it to the best of his abilities. Doesn't make him a member of Mensa... 8O

    And for the record, Brian Dowling is just as bad. Nothing to do with his sexuality, but I despise anyone who is a product of a manufactured TV programme and thinks they are 'talented'... :roll:
  18. I didn't know JD was Orish!

    Personally I cannot understand anyone being particularly offended by being called a shirt lifter, wooly woofter, queer writer, gay gordon, homo steward, puffy pusser, pervy pinky, greenie poof or even a steamy stoker. Equally I cannot understand straights being offended by being called skirt lifters. Mind you if the bloke's wearing a kilt..... ;)

    Never heard of Dowling... is he an overwrought pongo?
  19. onMst apologise on his one - should have checked out the "shirt lifter", didn't know he originated on "BB" (another crap show), must be true though, I was in colour.
  20. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Precisely. I've met JD twice in my life and found him to be an odious, Machiavellian cunt, who isn't happey when he doesn't get his own way. Let's not talk about his wife beating and alleged gargantuan cocaine habit, huh? You can only get so much mileage out of the rubber-lipped Chalkie yawnfest in thirty years though, can't you?

    Freind of the Forces? I'd ask yourselves why if I were you.


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