Jihad Walts

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by dunkers, Jul 3, 2007.

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  1. Though it is fortunate that nobody died in the recent terrorist scares, I can't help but notice the poor quality of these terrorists. They staged 3 attacks and not 1 of them worked, is this not a bit lacklustre? Unimpressive even? One set fire to a jeep, then promptly drove into an obstacle outside the airport terminal and stopped. The driver jumped out and was stupid enough to attract attention to himself, shouting "allah allah", inviting some hard bastard Glaswegian to twat him one, and this was duly done.

    FFS that departure terminal could have done with a lick of paint, but the terrorist failed to make this necessary. Again we see their ineptitude.

    Are these people, therefore, jihad WALTS?
  2. It does seem to have been a very amateurish operation.

    One of the issues with the current threat is that a lot of organisations and groups are inspired by but not connected to AQ and OBL.
  3. Nice perspective - apparently the clowns at Glasgow airport were actually fighting each other in the jeep.
    "you got that gas canister?"
    "nope, thought you had it?"
    "fuck, think i left it in the boot!"
    "you daft twat! we'll have to crash gently now, so we can still get the doors open to get the gas out of the boot"
    "at least we soaked the car in petrol first, didn't we?"
  4. Psml........... I have to say I thought they were so badly done that I thought they may have been decoy or secondary attacks.....
  5. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    It is slightly worrying isn't it, I mean if they can't even drive a car into a door way imagine them doing keyhole surgery on your gonads.....
  6. Execute them, then bury them in pig skins. Is treason still a capital offence, Oh hang on they weren't British, just given the chance to better their miserable fckin lives. Pity we don't still have an exile law.
  7. A can of petrol £5.40.

    Two calor gas bottles £42.50.

    A second hand Jeep Cherokee £2,450.

    Watching two muslim fanatics burn alive, PRICELESS.

    Did you hear that on the first day of Britains cigarette ban a muslim got arrested for lighting up in Glasgow airport.
  8. Latest news: The terrorists arrested at Glasgow airport will also be charged with smoking in an enclosed public area.
  9. I like the idea of Jihadi Walts, what would I need?

    Fan Belt & Tea Towel - Check
    Bottle of white liquid (safe) - Check
    Burning Rag - No. HSE requires it to be a Faux burning rag, a piece of red cloth with a picture of a flame on it.

    Anything else?
  10. Have you got a pen so you can fill in the accident book? Just in case.
  11. No. Crayola only, not as dangerously sharp as a pen or pencil. I got my crossed crayons badge, so I'm qualified with them.
  12. No doubt about it they wernt made by carlsberg, but lets not forget the car bomb in London, it was a crude device but had it gone off a lot of people would have died, and that was only prevented by the diligence of a emergency services crew, we were very lucky, next time god forbid we may not be, so lets not underestimate these twats.
  13. Don't underestimet them, fine. But we can still rip the piss out of them, that's what they are there for, when they are not f*cking up a murderous outing.

    These wankers should be laughed at, at every opportunity they allow.

    I'm not taking the seriousness of the attempt lightly, but what else should we do? Cower? Cringe? Fear? Capitulate?

    F*ck 'em mate.
  14. As terrorists they make crap doctors.
  15. Complete clusterf**ks but, as Paddy said, the Terr only has to be lucky once whereas we have to be lucky every time.
  16. Going of the point a bit reading that we have imported 900 doctors from Iraq I would have thought with the carnage going on over there they have plenty of work to do back home.

    And who the feck can understand them anyways?? I heard the nurse asking another what did he say!
  17. The Achmed Factor doesn't quite have the same ring to it as The Paddy Factor. What should we use instead?
  18. Camel Factor? Every time the f*ck up, OBL takes the hump?
  19. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Bet you can't do it better. Go on - two tins!! :lol:
  20. Another couple and they can get a star to put above their No.s 1 Gold Petrol Bomb badge, task books today, more practical than theory.

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