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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Egg_Banjo, Dec 17, 2009.

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  1. Yes, I would love to get smashed and bait some chavs for an afternoon

  2. No thanks, I have quite enough of dribbling mmllaarrs on this forum

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  1. I reckon it would be a whizzer jape if someone could bag a good handful of tickets to watch the King of the Gypsies show, oh what fun we could have baiting the chavs and mongs that seem to inhabit that studio.

    What is the general consensus on this, do people think that would be a good idea or not?
  2. you bet i want to have a wee go at the inbred pikeys that are always on the show.
  3. I'd only go if we were allowed to take air rifles, crossbows etc. That programme and the unqualified cnut that runs it really grip my sh1t :twisted: .

    Guess which way I voted
  4. That unqualified cnut that runs it used to be a dirty smack head who lost his wife and kids due to it, nw all of a sudden he can sort out marriges?

    Also would be funny if a couple of RR'ers appeard on the show? after all there seems to be some tention between a few members
  5. I wouldn't like to go to watch the show. Although, i would like to get smashed and bait some chavs and cause general havoc but i can do that on a friday night.

    I fcuking hate him, he is a useless mong who does fcuk all.

    The people on the show are all cnuting jobless, drug riddled, aids infested, window licking twats. They shouldn't be allowed to breed or infact breeth. I pay my taxes so that dickheads like that can go on tv and say how cool they are to their trackie clad chav friends who watch the show on tv's that they have stole.

    If you get tickets please let me know and i will make you an offer to either shoot everyone on the show or set fire to the place.

    Edited to add - Apologies for the un-called for rant. I just don't like Mr Kyle very much if you hadn't noticed. I appreciate your effort Banjo.
  6. i reckon some of them are just staged, typical chav looking scum and placed with a random women.
  7. Fcuking right, lets make this happen. Banjo I am promoting you to Rumration social secretary.

    Has anyone ever noticed everyone on Jeremy Kyle has got teeth at half arm intervals?

    Anyway I would absolutely love to unleash a torrent of abuse upon the retards who go on this show along with that smug cnut Kyle. I reckon a few tins of spesh before it starts will get me into the right frame of mind.

    We could wait outside the studio after the show and give Kyle the shoeing of his fcuking life when he comes out just for shits and giggles.

    I reckon we could each trap a little chav slag from the audience as well and smash them up a bit. The more I think about this the better it sounds.

    After Kyle can we go on Loose Women?
  8. My favourite bit of the show is when the Kyle states, "How can you claim the lie detector test doesn't work when the first part said you weren't lying".

    Well, Jeremy, if I can call you that. The test only claims to be 96% effective, I believe this to be an exaggerated estimate, but lets run with your figures. 96% is the same as one in 20. You have about 3 sets of chavs on every day, 5 days a week, and of those about 2/3 have lie detector tests. You therefore perform around 10 of these tests every week. Statistically speaking, running with your figures, an average of one person every other week will get a false result from the test. This seems very high to me.

    Now, on to the best part. You claim that if the test says I am not lying, for example, about having sex with another woman, but says I am lying, for example, about sexual contact with my brother's goat, that I can either accept that the test is accurate, or accept that I've had sex with another woman.

    This is what's known in the trade as a false dichotomy. You have set up two opposing points of view and are insinuating that one must be true if and only if the other is false. This is not only completely incorrect, it sums up either, just how ignorant you actually are, or, how morally bankrupt you are.

    Given a test with two outcomes, true or false. If the test is found to be faulty (1 in 20 times remember) then any answer given can assume the answer of either true or false.

    I wonder, if I asked to be on the show if they'd give me enough airtime to explain this to the cunt. Anyone fancy being my ex lover's dog's aunt to find out?
  9. The bonus could be that we may all trap and end up sling one up some disgusting loose chav bird (remember to double bag though!)
  10. And its filmed in Manchester, so a good after show run ashore would also be in order. I'm getting all excited thinking about it!!!
  11. Ah, Northerners.

    Sorry chap I thought this shite was filmed down South.

    I'm out. Can't abide by those bad speaking, coal mining types and besides I don't think I have the correct visa in my passport to go North of Milton Keynes.
  12. I would happily stay in the pub and meet you after the show for a good sesh with my anger still calm :) .

  13. filmed in manc well then ill have a place for everyone to kip, my grans house :D
  14. I know she does mate, i was round hers the other night :wink: .
  15. Fcuking mongoloid.

    I'm sure he was asking some questions on the newbies forum not so long ago.

    I feel a cull coming on.
  16. oh you must be carpet fitter she was on about yeah she said you where to small :D
  17. Yeah that's me, i'm not small, it was like thowing a stone down the channel tunnel. I am and excellent rug muncher though. :lol:

    Oh my god, another newbie up for a laugh?!
  18. thats nothing compared to you gran mate, heck it could just pretty much swallowed me right in there its like a black hole even has its own gravitational pull :twisted: :sign12:

    *edit due to shitty low battery keyboard

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