Jezza strikes again

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by whitemouse, Feb 6, 2009.

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  1. The Jock Parliament is up in arms in outrage ... !! (well, a Scottish Liebour leader is...!!)

    Jez Clarkson has allegedley stated in an Ozzie Interview, that GB is 'one-eyed scottish idiot' and 'the first world leader to admit we are really in deep sh1te'

    Apparently ... this leader states '... here are proud that the PM is a Scot and believe him to be the right person to get the UK through this global economic crisis'

    Hmmmm ..., sounds like they exist in another time warp in the Scottish Labour Party ?!

  2. Its lucky he was not on the BBC, the thought police would have had him.
    However , is he mocking someones disability?
    watch out motormouth, they will be waiting for you when you get back from Oz.
  3. Clarkson was wrong, Broone is a one eyed scottish moron.

    And as for the leader of teh McLabour Party… the Party hierarchy were still praising Hitler for his genius and military prowess as the Russians were busily storming Berlin…
  4. Maybe this time he will receive some sort of bollocking as he has critisised our parliamentary leadership. Over the years he has had a pop at anyone who doesn't drive a Ferrari or who rides a motorcycle. At one time he said all motorcyclists should die!!! What happened over that remark - bog all.

    The BBC in the past has replied by simply saying he is voicing a personal opinion and the BBC cannot comment on an individuals personal comments.

    The mans a nob and needs to be brought into our world. Or Woss's world.
  5. He's already in Wossie's world. That explains why he's still in employment despite his numerous controversial witterings
  6. Well Scotland can sing the praises of the Dear Leader…

    Becuase Scotland is recession proof as over 75% of it's GDP is government money spent on McJobs and benefits.
  7. Nob or not he tells it like it is, he's not lying is he? Bruin is a one eyed Scottish idiot. I'm a big fan of Clarkson, I like what he says.

    He could have called Bruin a fcuking spacker Porridge Wog [email protected] Now that would have been reason for outrage, but I'd have still liked it.

  8. I am a fan of Jezza I have to admit. I like Top Gear full stop, but that's my opinion lol Can't please everyone
  9. Long before Ann Robinson made her famous TV attack on the Welsh, a MoD civil servant in our department took mock umbrage one day when someone jokingly referred to her as a 'Stupid Welsh bitch.' She answered, quite tongue in cheek, "Call me a 'stupid bitch' if you must but don't call me a Welsh one." We then bandied around the idea of me using this phrase in front of witnesses so she could sue the MoD for oodles of boodle. I would have been dismissed just before normal retirement but we would have split the proceeds before going our separate ways and living happily ever after. The resulting publicity would have needed careful explaining to my Welsh wife, though. Somehow, we never quite got around to putting our plan into action. The same went for my brilliant scheme of 'coming out of the closet' and being dismissed from the Service, only to sue for stacks of lolly a few months later when the RN lifted its ban on homosexuality. One thing for sure, this would have required even more careful explaining to my wife.

    So, that's why I'm as potless as the rest of you plebs. But I'm still dreaming...
  10. I don't think Jezza was mocking our dire leader's disability. He never referred to him as being blind just called him a one-eye, which as we know, is tantamount to calling him a cock, Although it doesn't really matter that Broone is a FRISP, it doesn't make any difference where he comes from. As for him being an idiot, my understanding is that he is quite well educated. Therefore I would just go with calling him a Stalinist cnut. Come the revolution he'll be the first against the wall.

    Most of us on this site throw some sort of sh!t around, so to critisise Jezza for doing so is a bit hypocritical, considering that what he's said is far less offensive than most of us can manage. I think most of what Jezza says is probably fairly tongue in cheek and is often purely designed to make people start up the 'outrage bus'. I enjoy watching him make some insensitive or controversial comment, knowing full well someone's going to get the 'ump over it. Dear Points Of View, last night I watched Top Gear and Jeremy Clarckson said...blah blah blah
  11. The comments Clarkson makes are designed to elicit this exact response, he likes it. Jus as i like saying things that are close to the bone because I find the resulting outrage and dissaproving looks and comments extremely funny. As ex and serving matelots and Royals we have undoubtedly said, heard and laughed at much MUCH worse in our time, anyone that says they haven't is a one eyed lying cnut. So for those coming over holier than though on here, I give you this.

    Get aids and die you hypocritical peado fcukbags.
  12. Brown has one eye, he is Scottish. So, up to that point it's factual.
    As for being an idiot?
    I would have called him a lying idiot myself. :wink:
  13. Careful, that implies he's both pleasurable and useful.
  14. Ah yes - so true.

    But I bet reckon our audience isn't quite so large as Clarkson's. Like you say he does it to get the reactions he gets. Can't help disliking the bloke though.
  15. Nelson had a monoeye. He was a great leader. Cylops also had a monoeye and he too was a great monster who scared most of the Greeks sh*tless: so being a monoeye is no insult. :lol:

    In Gordon's case there must be that something extra.

    Answers on a postcard please addressed to the First Lord of the Treasure Chest. :idea:
  16. But Thingy, all pricks are monoeyed aren't they :wink:
  17. Which is a point the media have elected to ignore!!!! :roll:

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