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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by seafarer1939, Aug 22, 2011.

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  1. Not sure if this is the right forum but I wanted an answer if Poss.
    I like to hike in the Lake District and have done for 30 years with my wife.
    Two years ago we went to our usual walk from Ullswater every thing was glorious so we decided to do it again in two days time.
    It's a long hike [6 miles up hill] well long for Pensioners!
    Off we went but half way up a car passed full of the Jewish Orthodox in long back coats and curly ringlets,Ok! nice to see others although the rocky farm road was a bit unsuitable for cars.
    Then another few passed,then as we stopped to eat our packed lunch,50 or 60 cars passed all dressed the same,then 70 or 80 walked passed us with kids and wives on wards and upwards up the mountain!
    It began to look a bit like Golders Green!
    We said hello but no-one replied,not one so we gave up.
    In the end we worked out at least 4 or 5 hundred had past us all dressed in black most with ringlets[men]
    We turned off the route to climb another way but we could see them all at a little hall way up on the mountain by a stream.
    Someone told me later these Orthodox have to pray near water and in the open once a year but I don't know.
    It just seemed incongruous to see such a sight way up on the fells.
    I can live with it but my wife is always asking what was it all about.
    Someone may know,they were gone next time I went two days later.
    Some of the cars were the best going all loaded with lots of Orthodox risking agreat deal of suspension damage on tractor routes.Must be important.
  2. Jews feel closer to God at altitude and this may have prompted the event.
  3. That's where the rainbow ended.

  4. Used to get loads of them at Legoland, perhaps that's why they enjoyed the Jungle Coaster ride

  5. Their desire to be closer to God would explain why they've bought half my street.
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  6. That's Mossad. They're on to you Herr Monty.
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  7. Early Autumn? Look up 'Tashlich' - it's a new year ritual. Bread is thrown into a river to symbolise the washing away of sins.

    None of this telling a pervert in a box for us.
  8. Vermin, they will be dealt with.
  9. We had an LAEM on 819, who was jewish.
    we went on detatchment to Condor with him, we always had late dinners so one day their was one steak, loads of gammon & pork chops. Quess who didn't get the steak, greedy get had both gammon & pork chops. This led to us all singing "gonna tell your Rabbi,gonna tell your Rabbi,na na na na.
    Just told us told us to foxtrot oscar.

    Waspie will know who I mean.
  10. I think there are diff types of religion there,I remember reading the Prime minister Neten.something or other loves Bacon Sandwiches!
    Maybe he is a Jewish Geordie!
  11. I was once involved in a Jewish festival, 'The Feast of the Passedover', we all had to wear half a grapefruit on our heads for 24 hours.
  12. They thought it was Mount Sinai..............never were any good at geography........thats why they got lost coming out of Egypt......thank God Charlton Heston was there to part the Red Sea for them.
  13. Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox Jews), not Orthodox. Probably one of the many Hasidic groups in the UK. Hordes of them have been known to descend on Barry Island, of all places.
  14. Well I watched as one youngish man walk past in front of his wife by about 5 yards,he was shouting at her to hurry up all the time,she was strikingly beautiful with two babies in a twin chair,two youngsters aged about 4 trying to keep up along the rocky track.
    He never tried to help his wife,just kept shouting at her.
    My wife was shocked at his behaviour but it's not my business,later on he came down from the track alone,he briefly glanced at me but I blanked the ignorant git then he reached into his long black coat pulled out a clothes brush and proceeded to gently brush his brimmed hat!
    Some religions are very strange!
    Glad I don't have one!
  15. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Why was their religious denomination relevant, SF1939? Had they been a typically 'British' [sic]family, would his behaviour made you comment about it? Do you think that the Jewish gentleman's religion excuses the way he spoke to his wife? I'm just curious to know why you found this particular incident unusual enough to tell us about it? If it actually happened at all, of course. :?
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  16. I saw a similar group two years ago in the lake district. There was a couple of dozen of them at least, staying in a cluster of buildings right by a beck. The behaviour SF39 describes is in line with their traditions (Read up about Tashlikh, as Toucan suggested).
  17. Bloody Tottenham fans on the rampage again?
  18. Hahahahahaaaa to much of this thread.:)
    Man shouting at wife just a ******, but possibly heightened by fact most religions expect female submission to some extent.
    I have a jewish friend, will ask her about festival and hopefully get an answer that makes sense.
  19. Their rules prevent them doing any form of work on certain holy days, much like the Wee Frees in Scotland. Women who care for children are granted special dispensation to carry on with that, but her husband would have been prevented from helping her, no matter how much he wanted to.
  20. I'm reasonably sure that can't have been the case, tashlich is postponed if it falls on the sabbath...

    Really though, most jews are somewhat embarrassed by the hassidic communities. Their culture really doesn't fit in with British life, they refuse to integrate and are often downright rude to people who enter "their" areas. It's not representative of the religion to say the least.

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