Jewish Death Notice

Discussion in 'Land Ops' started by fishhead, May 19, 2017.

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  1. A Jewish man calls the newspaper to publish an obituary notice for his wife

    Shlomo: Hello, This is Shlomo Goldstein, I want to publish an obituary notice for my wife Rachel.

    Agent: Hello Shlomo, how shall we publish it, do you have any words in mind?

    Shlomo: "Rachel is dead". That's enough.

    Agent: Sir you can write more; its the same price.

    Shlomo: Hmm okay, "My wife Rachel is dead."

    Agent: Sir, it is the same price up to 9 words, are you sure this is enough?

    ..after a moment of pause

    Shlomo: "My wife Rachel is dead, Ford Fiesta for Sale."
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