Jet Provost Overhead

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Jul 4, 2011.

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  1. JP Overhead CW2 at 1600hrs putting on a bit of a show and heading West !!!!
  2. Eeeeee, JP, first aircraft I ever HEARD a seat ejecting from.

    RAF Ouston, Northumberland, school visit. Circa 196?

    Never got to see the aftermath, ushered away toot sweet.
  3. Hasn't made it this far....but then again the price of Avgas/Avcat
  4. ??????????? 17/10/1962XN6015Jet Provost T36 FTSThe Iraqi student pilot became distracted during a touch and go at Ouston, Northumberland. The undercarriage had failed to retract and he was attempting to raise it using the Emergency lowering lever. The aircraft stalled, struck a small power pole and cartwheeled. The ejection seat was thrown up the rails without firing and the student was dragged by the streamed chute still attached to the seat coming to rest in the space between the inverted fuselage and the port wing. He suffered a few bruises and was only in hospital for a few days
  5. Bugga me!! No wonder they whisked us away!!!!

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