Jet fuel in the FAA


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I was so glad when pusser got rid of the Mk.46 and changed to Sting Ray.
No more otto fuel :)

Only got thallium to worry about now... :rolleyes:
Yep, extra dodgy when we had a mix of Mk46 and Sting Ray onboard.
Mind you, prepping the Mk11 on the back end whilst looking out for weeping crystals was always a bit of a nut gripper.


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"I got a right bollocking from the Chief this morning."

That is pure gold. It has been added to my list of must use phrases.

The story begins during the Vietnam War and ends following the Gulf War, and focuses on two American naval aviators. The FAA will get a few pages in the story during the period when the USN and the RN were operating the F-4 Phantom II. I know from research that 892 Naval Air Squadron was aboard USS Independence in March 1975, which fits my timeline quite nicely.

The breadth of knowledge in this forum is impressive. As a guest, I appreciate your hospitality.
If you look around the RN sites on Faceache, or join an open one and ask, you'll probably get some information on 892 - and maybe some stories.......