Jet engine explodes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by scouse, Jun 25, 2013.

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  1. YouTube :angel8: June 24 th Manchester airport destination was to be the Domonican Republic Airbus A 330
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  2. 'Surged' would be the more correct term, rather than 'explodes'. A very nicely handled rejected take-off.

    My trusted Pegasus decided to do a similar thing to me as I meandered about the ether one fine day. The thing sounded like a bomb had gone off behind my back and flames decided to come out the front of the engine, rather than behave themselves and go backwards like they normally do. Fortunately, an airfield was close enough to divert to because, given the state of the motor on the post incident inspection, it certainly wouldn't have hovered. I had another one in an airliner but as I had a spare there wasn't as much puckering of the starfish as the SHAR glitch. It's rare for a surge to occur once the power has been set and is stable, so it'll be interesting to see what happened to the 330 in the video.
  3. Did this diversionary airfield provide the spanner gods a top run ashore? and the pinky who did the 5 min comms check at the end of the donk change?
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  5. Generally we stick to nitrogen, or nato dry air, or a bike pump if theres a pusser red nearby. What do you mean someones nicked it...oh FFS....
    Hydrogen. Well I guess it would help with lift and buoyancy... and we could always fill some party balloons to help with morale on the line....:rabbit:
  6. Nice calm response from crew and tower. Fire crews not too tardy either.

    I was in a Wasp 500 foot over the runway at Gib, in a 90 degree banked turn and the compressor surged. Definitely a star fish moment. Luckily, pilot, Bertie Lamb, got us down pdq. I was shower and bar in that order shortly after the inquest with the SMR!!
  7. Good drills all round.

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