Jesus,.. Was She Friggin Doggo

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Apr 28, 2010.

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  1. Right we keep hearing how fuckin essence and divs the party's you
    trollied were.
    Now tell the truth, what about all the gronks and grollies you buried busby in.
    My personal "Best" was a young lady of about 80 years (Well OK she was probably 29) but she looked 80. I trapped her for the mere amount of 15 Singapore dollars from Virgins corner, and took her to the ugly bug ball in Neesoon Transit camp. I won $150 which was a fortune, first prize but you had to trolley it in front of witnesses to get your prize.
    Not a fuckin problem, I'd had about 12 pints of tiger tops, she looked friggin gorgeous. Only problem I had was trying to figure out if I was actually getting it up, or maybe just getting between two wrinkle flaps, pieces of hanging offal.
    Now your stories/confessions chaps.
  2. You dirty bastard!! Your just the kind of run ashore oppo I have been trying to forget for almost 40 years..... 8)

    Christ...more therapy required.... :D
  3. You promised mum you'd never tell.
  4. I went down on a really fat ginger bird once, it made me urge but I cracked on! I've tagged teamed another pompey fat bird with oppo.

    The oldest I've dug out on was 53 although she was a Kronenbourg woman. 16 from the back 64 from the front.
  5. They were wrinkle flaps mate, I know for a fact she had a book marker in her cocksocket. you shoulda checked a bit closer.
  6. Another memorable event during this particular run was the fact my oppo "Jeff Hurst" sold my friggin shoes to a Kiwi Pongo, and he was too fuckin big to ask for them back 8O :cry:
  7. :lol: Is that a VIZism? Splendid!

    I too have horrific memories of ginger incidents. The NAAFI manageress at - er - a certain shore establishment in London some twenty years ago met the whole profile. Palid, freckled, 'bubbly', but, has to be a gent and say hello to the donkey's yawn.
  8. While in San Carlos (after the event) one of the lads' brother was a Crab ATC and got us a lift to Stanley Airport for somebody's leaving party. MPA was still under construction. Well, we were put into the 'Flotels' (remember them?) and went to the do in the airport 'lounge'. There were two or three potential females there, and one was a hog with warts.

    But, being sundodgers, by the end of the night, we were literally fighting over her/it. There were photos, now hopefully long destroyed. No, I didn't but some did!
  9. In the mid 90's I used to rattle a lass in her mid 50's calle Val Whitehead (she lived down Stonehouse) I only ever did it on a friday or saturday night If I hadn't trapped down town. I'd wake up each morning and knaw my arm off, but still found myself there the next time I did the lonely walk of shame. When I was sober I'd walk past her in the street and wouldn't acknowledge her.

    I used to turn up there ring bolted, banging on her door and telling her to get some scran on. Then i'd abuse her anyway I saw fit. No household impliment was out of bounds.
    I'd turn up regularly with 2 or 3 lads from my watch and once took 6 lads from the rugby team back after a night out. Not once did she turn me or anyone else away.
    We regulary robbed her remote controls and covered her house in Zap stickers.

    Silly bint.
  10. takes me back to the times i was a killick chef on sweepers, we pulled into Falmouth for a run ashore (it also happened to be the "Old Mans" leaving do as he was going off to a staff job in london...anways cutting a long story short I trapped this bird (!) in Nashers nightclub (Club International for those of you who remember it). She was 58 yrs young...but dressed like a 60's love child...after offering to escort her home, we stopped in a shop doorway (class i know) where she procedded to unbutton and release my sausage salami. I was in the process of skullfucking her when the Skipper, jimmy, Ops, Gunz Navz and a few of the Snr rates walked past, without blinking an eye the old man looks at me and said " Good grief Leading Chef, I hope you will remember to bring me a paper back tomorrow morning......and whos doing breakfast"..... moving on though.. we eventually get back to her luxurious council flat I eneded up ditching all my dirty water in her various orifices, but the one thing that sticks in my mind ......her nipples, they were absolutley HUGE ...never in all my years of watching Porn or reading Scud mags have i seen the likes. her tits were tiny, but god those nipples Feckin AWESOME.
  11. "I too have horrific memories of ginger incidents. The NAAFI manageress at - er - a certain shore establishment in London some twenty years ago met the whole profile. Palid, freckled, 'bubbly', but, has to be a gent and say hello to the donkey's yawn."

    It wouldn't have been a wee jock called Nora by any chance? Nora by name & nora by nature :eek:
  12. Was she "no noses" mate???
  13. Friggin hell I remember her (No nose) I remember a killick stoker (dirty fuckers stokers) trunking her for a friggin pint of tiger, I would have given him my San MiG not too, but he said he was horny as well as thirsty.
    Fair play to the dirty twat. :D
  14. Spanners 86. Trouting, 8 of us with £10.00 each in the kitty.

    Pulled and absolute minger. 16 Stone and fking ugly with it. 10 to 2 and the Doc (who was holding the money) approaches us and asks if I will be coming back in a Taxi with the lads. Minger explains that I would be going back to hers. Doc has words with the lads and majority agreed I could have the dosh as it was obvious I could have done the deed. By this time is v nearly 0200 and other options are slim to none. Not only was the deed done anyway but even a morning quickie before departure as well.

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