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Jesters,Joes, or other?

Jesters, Joes, other?

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War Hero
TattooDog said:
No mention of Emmas in Gosport or the Harbour Lights in Torpoint then?

Or are they far too high class?

Harbour lights was garbage, but for me Emmas deserves a special mention. Virtually lived there while at Dolphin, first name terms with the bouncers and everything. Been asked to leave on occasion, but always given the option of taking myself downstairs, rather than being thrown down them like in Jo's.

Of the two though I'd say Jesters. No offence like, but Jo's really was a skimmer hangout.


Lantern Swinger
What about Diamond Lils??????? class before heading for Boobs, Remember getting my kit off on the stage with the stripper when I joined the Danae, covered me in hand lotion when she was sat on me face. Happy days.


War Hero
The only place I can remember in guzz was Diamond Lils & Ace of Clubs - am i showing my age.
Jo's no1 gaff, All the Chockheads had the bier kellar in southsea as our local in the 80s
Diamond Lil's with Kim and Ronnie Potter on his organ (ohh missus), and the dramatic build up for an old slag strippper with stretch marks "Live.... all the way from St Budeuax.... It's Ebony".
What a place..


Lantern Swinger
I erm, met my wife in Jesters. We're still married though and live about 5 minutes walk from Joanna's, or what's left of it.
Jo Spanners for me especially the magic sinks when you pissed in em and within a twinkle of an eye you were on you arse outside. Boobs had it's moments. And don't forget Monty's in Dunfermline for anyone who joined the jock Navy.... Happy days for all of them


War Hero
Dunno really, Jack will always gravitate to the place where its easiest to get a 1.45 am shag. Although with opening hours as they are nowadays Jack just waits until some council house doris is on the verge of collapsing.
In my shagging/being blown out days, before I met Mrs A_M (harbour lights torpoint, ah the irony). Now this is early- mid 90s

Gosport/Pompey= Emma's and Jo's maybe a bit of Martines if I'm trying to trap something more classy, teehee.

Plymouth wouldve have been

Start off in the Conservatory- PR - The one next to PR before it got annexed- TWIGS - Miss out Jesters(full of sprogs)- MR SWEETS- THE STREET and then finally if I have still havent pulled BOOBs .

Rosyth - The Glad and then taxi into to LORENZOs

Weymouth - Steering Wheel

Griff I suggest you add more choices to your poll.
The Harbour Shights in its heyday must rank. Many a matelot has got all night in thanks to the obligatory 1.55 am playing of J'taime.
Being a Torpoint boy who joined the RN, it certainly gives me a smile whenever I hear that dirge.

TBH, Jack's runs ashore in Guzz and Pompey today are a shadow of their fomer selves. Its only taken ten yrs but god I feel sorry for the young matelot having to pay to get in every boozer, when on entering is just some themed bullshit.
And its been only 15 yrs, but as a baby Wem I could afford to go on the piss every night. Nowadys onboard the messes are toppers in the evening because the lads just cant afford to go on it like we use to.


Lantern Swinger
sugar bowl in gib for me , anywhere down the gut in valletta after a couple of starters in coradina canteen . and the long bar in guzz for me never did set my sights to high then i was never disapointed.


War Hero
Ever been in there during the daylight hours.........bit unerving to say the least. Somebody tells me it burned down. The Steering Wheel in Weymouth with the spiral staircase that never reached to the ground or Vicky Lodge (with the monthly drug raid) on Portland island........and for all you Northwood hob nobbers.......The Reindeer in Northwood town (?) Gone now...there's just an empty space where it used to be....aaaaaggghhhhhhhhhh...nooooooooooo!
Yes 'fraid so.
Has anybody burned down the Spinnaker in Helensburgh?....No! Then do us a favour........


War Hero
Forgot to mention the China Fleet Club in HK...there was a bar there for RN and RM only. A blessing when the Queens Own Highlanders were in town....annoying eighteen year old PJ's with their twenty stone wives and kids in tow...then there was the Go Down (Gow Down)? With the famous Tamar Annex.
The Bull and Bear with landlady Phylis who got shirty whenever Chinese LEP's latched on to a run ashore....if she had her way the entire Chinese population would have been banned!
Phylis or Syph to the lads wore colourful kaftans to cover her large frame which was akin to the obelisk as featured in 2001 A Space Odyssey, scary when looming over a group of pissed matelots!
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