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Jesters,Joes, or other?

Jesters, Joes, other?

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Mate of mine (really) trapped a woman of a certain age in Jesters and got all night in. He was woken the next morning by the ladies 13 year old daughter giving him a shake and saying 'I've made you a cup of tea and ordered a taxi to take you to the dockyard' In his stupor he mumbled that he didn't drink tea only for the young girl to reply 'Well I'm sorry but the last one did!'


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ex_wasp_L2 said:
specially if her name was Cynth the Nymph, not that I ever took her home I was never that desperate

Thats not what She is saying :wink: :lol:


Lantern Swinger
TattooDog said:
Mind you, whenever I was down southwest, the Old Chapel was always a must-visit place! :shock:

Spot on - I remember how pleased my mum was when I told her I was off to chapel on sunday night as we were sailing the next morning!! :wink:


Jack_the_veteran said:
Have to say Joe's was far better than Jester's, although not to forget a few of the other's, Beasties, Boob's, alas they're gone, but still fond memories

Ah Beasties, brings back a lump to the throat, of the queezy kind. I rememeber a young WEM pestered me and an oppo to take him across from the G 'n' D after closing time. We introduced him to Beasties and damn near sold him to Gay punter for the price of two pints.....them were the days. :lol:
Got to say, Spanners for me. Met my wife there in 84! Neverthless have fond memories of Beasties (remember the membership card and the dip in the upstairs dance floor!) Ritzy in Arundel St was good when you wanted an up-market night (I'm not joking). Going 'Gardening' in Yeovs was always good for a laugh too. 'Lorenzos' in Dumfs? Went to the opening night when 'Night Magic' closed. Oh happy days.

Deleted 493

Joanna's - fantastic place. Thirty eight steps all the way down. Counted every ******* one off my shoulders and shins.

Beasies - low end monsters. Favourite haunt of the dsfigured and downcast

Locarno (Mecca) - Big old ballroom stuffed full of fairly decent trout. Shit Alan Partridge DJ backed by a covers band of cringeworthy un-excellence. 'Hands up (Give Me Your Heart)' by Ottowan a big favourite of theirs. A true school of NATO Two-Step and very badly danced Northern Soul. Frequented by 'Pop-Ex', a sextugenarian soft-shoe shuffler and his boyfriend, a dragged-up dark haired ****, who everybody knew was a feller (on account of the bulge in his dress)

Lets not forget -

Granny's - far too many stairs, but fairly easy bints

Someplace Else - lie about you not being a matelot and you're in.

and for Guzz -

Castaways 2000 - trapped some subhuman from Boodow for an allnight in in this place. Like Joannas but with posh lights and 'get yer 'aaaand off moi ****. Tit's first' mentality.

Boobs - oh Jesus. Does it have to be this easy?

Does anyone have any dits about Granny's? It was a little before my time, though I do remember seeing it mentioned in Sultan daily orders in a warning about skate bashing.
Apparently it used to be frequented by a kindly old tranny, who was quite happy to take the unlucky and undiscriminating around the back of the skips for a nosh after kicking out...


Has got to be Joes, (met the wife there).

Saw so many matlots taking a waz against that tree, and of course the sticky carpet.

I have virtually no take on the bars of Guzz as I was always Pompey...


(edited for mong spelling)


BOOBS all the way Naval Academy of Dancing Guzz Division. But who can forget 50p for a "meal" and Sunday afternoon strippers at The Old Chapel. Best Sunday worship going
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