Jesters,Joes, or other?

Jesters, Joes, other?

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I`ve decided to start a poll on the best "navy school of dancing" see what you all thought. My personal opinion I`d have to say Joanna`s, bein a Guzz rating I saw to much of Jesters and began to grow tired of the place. The "other" category can mean any other Bar/Nightclub in the area please specify which one and your reasons.
voted jesters, although twigs also worth a mention

then again spent a2 years as a student in guz and only the occational night out in pompey so might be bias
Good call, Twigs was ok but only used it as a run up to Jesters. If it is the same place I`m thinking of, Just across the road from Jesters?


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Jo's was legend (alas it's closed down now as is the Albany).

Where else could you go out for a quiet pint on day one of BSSC and trap a honking nurse at 0150 in Jo's??? Err, so my mate told me.... :oops:
Wow Joes and Albany have shut down? Where does Jack go now? I never used to trap honkers everything I did was pretty divs..................Till the morning. However, Jesters was still an easy place to trap I remeber the days of waking up and looking out of the window of some stinking birds house in that French Province st beaudoux straight out at the beautiful scenery of the brown sea and 13 wharf of Guzz dockyard.


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The last time I was in Jesters, a certain large breasted red haired chef (female I hasten to add) demanded I show her the goods in return for her showing me hers.

I don't think the bouncers would've been too happy so I declined then. And everytime I walked past the galley for the rest of my time onboard :D

It's been a couple of months since I've last been in Pompey but then, the discerning matelot ended up in Flares which isn't fit to fill Jo's shoes.

Top tip though-go to the Wetherspoons opposite Walkabouts and just perv at the student girly barmaids-absolutely stunning!
Don`t think I`ll be in Pompey much nowadays mate, Been outside for about 2 years. But I like the storey about the well endowed female chef. Flares? didn`t know there was one in Pompey. I did enjoy a good ol trip down route Alpha every now and then though especially when I had a cushy number in Nelson.
Boobs was legendary in Guzz. You could get up to all sorts of naughtiness! In the early 80's unprotected sex meant that you were shagging a bird in Boobs without your mate watching your back for bouncers!!


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Had to go for Jo Spannas, remember all the continental exchange students coming over in the 80's, and when I say comin over...................

For a real mean night out used to love La Cub Bistro that was for the serious drinkers and some rough old tarts.

What was the club above the Tricorn in the 70's?

Der whats the Tricorn Chef????????????
Boobs was the place when I was a 22 Rating, but having seen the light about fighting 42s, Jo's was the place to be....the 'Weather Girls' where very special !!!! :lol:. Allegedly :roll: Grab a Granny at the Pyramids was quite good as well !
Pyramids another good call, the last time I went there I got punched by a right scudder. I asked her if I could smell her f*nny, when she said no I paused and replied oh it must be your feet then she didn`t take kindly to my suggestion and punched me the next thing I remember was waking up in the toilets with my mates applauding my mega one liner.
When in Guzz it was always 'Boobs' or Club a la tit as it was often referred to .

When in Pompey it had to be Spanners.

Out of the two, I think Spanners wins it and as someone has already mentioned; the weather girls were legends.

Of course, there was always the special Bistro Club for the more discerning matelot. Bit like the bar in Star Wars to be honest though. :)
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