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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by drewfester, May 4, 2014.

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  1. Like him or not, is it just me who thinks that all this racist comment stuff is getting out of hand?
    The comments were never broadcast but were obviously leaked by someone in the film crew!
    Surely the BBC should be more worried about who's leaking to the press FFS!
    Calling for him to be sacked for something that was never broadcast seems a bit rich to me. If they do, I can see Top Gear moving swiftly to Sky. Clarkson does own the brand after all.
  2. It is getting stupid in the media industry, there seems to be a witch hunt on every other week, some of it justified some of it not. It wasn't so long ago that Carole Thatcher was sacked for making alleged racist remarks, that useless git Adrian Chiles apparentley dobbed her in. Something that's said off screen is just that, it's not public. I'm not defending Clarkson, personally I think he's a complete twat and has turned a once respected motoring programme into a jolly for himself and his two dopey mates, but everybody comes out with the odd risque remark now and again and most escape a public uproar.
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  3. he sold his shares in Bedder 6 to the BBC in 2013, so afraid he no longer has any ownership of the brand, so they could sack him and keep the show, this imho would end up costing the BBC a substantial amount, as there would be nothing stopping Clarkson going to another TV channel and starting another Car show, and I dare say May and the Hamster would follow him, and without those 3 there is no Top Gear, and this would lead to a massive fall in international sales (TG and Dr Who are the BBC Worldwide biggest earners, if I remember correctly, TG earned the BBC something like £40 Million Net a year or so ago)

    Clarkson is hated by Guardian readers, tree huggers, bleeding heart liberals and the so called political correct, so it is only a matter of time before the BBC do get shot of him. If not for the Government pushing them to cut costs and not allowing them to up the licence fee as much as they wanted they would probably have already sacked him.

    I personally enjoy the show, and hope if carries on for many years
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  4. I prefer his books to watching him perform like an overgrown schoolboy on the telly. Mind you he's come out with some outrageous comments in print and managed to get away with it so far.
  5. Not true, I quite like him. Richard Hammond on the other hand.....
  6. In the words of Father Jack, "how does that gobshite get on the television".

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  7. There seems to be a whole raft of people who's aim in life is to be offended. Not only do they strive to be personally offended, they have the arrogance to be offended on behalf of others, whether those "others" would be or not. I listened to the allegedly offensive well known children's choosing rhyme and he never actually said the Code word for dam breached.

    Are we now at the stage where something traditionally had something "offensive" in it, therefore any reference to it has become "offensive" because people still remember what the so called offensive bit was?
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  8. 1904123_736136463065699_1777163935_n.jpg
  9. Guardian readers, tree huggers, bleeding heart liberals and the so called political correct in general hate Clarkson

    There you go MLP, that better :)

    There again, the guardian readers, tree huggers, bleeding heart liberals and PC brigade do not have a very high regards for those who wear uniform, so Clarkson is in very good company.

    AS for Hammond, he is like a little terrier, eager to please, all right in small doses but gets tiring after a while. Thank god my terrier is not so little, at 4 months old he is bigger than a Border Collie
  10. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Never been a fan of Top Gear, to be honest, although I do accept that he is clearly a brilliantly talented print journalist (when such a job was considered an honourable trade), especially when writing and presenting his wartime documentaries. But his "Angry Middle England Bloke" was clearly a character, and I could distinguish one side of his personality from the other (much like Al Murray/Alf Garnett). However in more recent times I think he forgets which is which, and he appears to have become the sort of person he once ridiculed.

    I have far too much going on in my life to be offended by him in particular, but I can understand how what he says upsets others; just because I/you/we find it acceptable or funny does not necessarily mean that everyone has to conform to the general consensus. The warning from the BBC was a long time coming; I'm just surprised that someone as intelligent as Clarkson didn't see that the tone of what is acceptable had changed. He was intentionally (mischievously) offensive to provoke a reaction.

    I don't think he is openly racist - if he was, he wouldn't have mumbled the word. But an experienced broadcaster such as he would've known that there was a probable likelihood that a recording would escape from the edit into the public arena. I am not calling for his sacking as soon critics have done, but just that he exercise a little common sense. He got caught out, deserved a bollocking and certainly got one from his Bosses (whose primary responsibility is to the viewing/funding public). Hopefully that'll be the end of the matter before this is blown out of proportion by the media.
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  11. SPB, a well fathomed and intelligent view, but the BBC were quite happy to air an interview with Anjem Choudry to get his views on the Lee Rigby murder, they believed it was their duty to report that other points of view existed. If that is the case they can hardly censure Clarkson/Thatcher for a comment that was not meant to be publically aired.

    The BBC, the channel of double standards and hypocrisy!
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  12. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Well here's a paradox...

    The Guardian: "Bill Ash obituary"

    Bill Ash was born in Texas, became a Canadian citizen in order to fly Spitfires in the Second World War, was shot down over France and escaped from POW camps so many times he became an inspiration for Steve McQueen's character in "The Great Escape". After the war, he founded a left wing political party and lived to be 96. What a life! :salut:
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  13. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Anjem Choudary is a well-known provocative activist with controversial and inflammatory views who will use any medium to promote his point of view. Clarkson, on the other hand, is an employee (member of staff or subcontracted, irrelevant either way) who has to adhere to the BBC's codes of professional standards as part of his contract. Nothing to do with double standards or hypocrisy.
  14. So SPB,on your premise of the BBC's "professional standards", shouldn't they be rooting out the person who "leaked" this piece of film. Let's face it, it wasn't transmitted et al, it was STOLEN and given to those fine upstanding upholders of British standards, THE PRESS.
  15. But they decided to interview him to get his views on the Lee Rigby Murder across, can you imagine them doing the same if it had been a far right group who had murdered a Muslim.

    Yes Clarkson is required to adhere to the standards laid out in his contract, equally those who choose to allow a know radical to air their view on a BBC show should show the common sense to realise that choudry's views represent a very small % of the Muslim population rather than allow him air time and make people think he has a larger following than he actually does. Far too often the BBC allows this kind of thing to happen, and in a way it gives the radicals and lunatics of this world an air of acceptability and offers them the chance of increasing their adherents. This is hardly in keeping with the charter of the BBC. Unless of course they are prepared to give the likes of Anti Islam Alliance (No I am not condoning anything of the sort).

    IMHO, the only way to curb the radicals is to starve them of publicity
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Onions: And you're assuming the BBC are not investigating the matter as we speak? It may not be publicly disclosed at the moment, but that doesn't mean action isn't or won't be taken. Jumping to conclusions - no matter HOW MANY BIG LETTERS you use - is rather pointless, isn't it?

    But surely Mr Clarkson himself exploited the press for his own means by discussing the matter in his column in Friday's edition of The Sun? Perhaps you can voice your own concern on the standards of media integrity to the BBC themselves, using the appropriate links on their site where their own statement on the matter is available:

    BBC - Complaints - Statement regarding Jeremy Clarkson
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  17. Clarkson makes a living out of treading a very thin line and saying things that make people go "oooh, naughty" that's his appeal. It is glaringly obvious that it's his schtick, not his personality. In person he comes across as a very intelligent, thoughtful man. I'm sure anyone who has met him feels the same.

    He doesn't offend me, if he offends anyone then they're a bit silly. It's like saying Voldemort should be taken off telly because he's nasty to school kids. I wish everyone would stop being so precious.

    It's not real for **** sake.

    Besides, if the BBC sack Clarkson they'll be shooting themselves in the foot, he'll be snapped up immediately because like him or not, Clarkson = ratings. Plus he hates Piers Morgan, which is more than enough for me.
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  18. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    In order to promote freedom of speech, the BBC allowed Nick Griffin (remember him?) to appear on Question Time. No stitch up required; he managed to ridicule himself in front of the viewing/attending public when questions were put to him. His own party turned their back on him as a result of the damage his performance did to their cause.

    Agree or disagree with their views, but a public arena can do just as much bad, as good. The public are more astute than many give them credit for. Keeping radicals in the public eye means we can maintain a vigilant eye on them and monitor their influence; keep them underground and they will grow and mutate, unwatched and uncontrolled until they rear their ugly head and bite us on the arse, figuratively speaking.
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  19. MLP I am sorry but someone had to tell you, Voldemort is a fantasy character played by an actor.

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