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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by ali_p, Jul 21, 2006.

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  1. being neither I have decided to resign from YOUR webspace as there seems to be less leniancy than the Fleet Jos' from Vernon ever gave ( and that was none).
    too many moderator moves for me in here, by obviously those who could never get a position while serving.
    (take a step back and it should become clearer as to why).

    we have one who dictates who and what can be said in the chatroom,

    we have another who doesnt believe that ex members of the Royal Navy have anything to offer the site.

    why dont you, in the request for a name change, call it -
    'Recruitment R Us'' - join the Navy, see the world, meet the men, and join the website!!!

    it has been nice, but I'm afraid I can't recommend, so no gold badge from me or the 3000+ ex forces members I frequent with in my times ashore these days.

    let go forrard, let go aft, starboard 10

    no doubt this will be deleted before any get to read it
  2. Stop talking bollox, you were not kicked out, you were blunt with a comment so was she.

    Shut up and get over it.

    You jumped onto J_D with a blunt sentence and she replied back. You left on your own accord, this is the t'net not the real life net 8O
  3. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator


    Seeing as your so sensitive, make sure you don't let the door hit your arse on the way out. It may hurt.
  4. Simple Simon says:

    Look at me! Look at me!
  5. Stick Around Ali,
    As numbers viewing is reaching the number of Moderators we nearly had erm outnumbered so your leaving will be a big blow.
    Take a couple of days off then come back armed and ready. I`m sure you`re more than capable of handling a split and a troll.
    The Troll should be ignored,
    As for our Jenny, it`s not so easy as she is everywhere and seems to suffer a 27 day period every 3 days.
    She’s gonna burn herself out eventually though, she’s already started repeating herself.

    There`s something wrong here two moderators and a brown nose ganging up on a newbie, is not good.
    If you moderators have got some sort of masterplan I hope you know what you are doing.

  6. UA, go back to sleep you tool.

    edited: apologies about the PM thing
  7. Dear sweet silly Jenny,
    I have a confession about the PMs to which you keep referring and I `m sure contain all sorts of threats and `orrible stuff.
    You see I`ve never received any, I think you`ve sent them to the other Uncle_Albert who went long ago.

    Perhaps you should ask someone to show you how to do it.
  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Just a Civvy is going to be very upset when he sees that you have chased off his new friend
  9. I am, Janner! A bearded real sailor in blue overalls and black boots. Come back ali_p! I'd expect a real sailor to stand up and take it on the chin - don't let this civvy down :eek: . Come on, it's not that bad. If you think's J_D's tongue lashings are bad you should read about what dear old Uncle Albert gave me in my guise as Nozzy Nozzer (the unreal sailor). Bloody hell, I almost wept! Have got over it (I think :?).

    Now HONTROG Jenny, please don't insult UA. For all his many faults he's:-

    1) Older than you - you should respect your seniors; and
    2) He has the G-spot; and
    3) As an HONTROG you should really should be pre-addressing all your correspondence to him with "Dear Uncle Albert, I am seeking your advice about..."

  10. Buddha only knows I have had a few run ins with the mods, and one in particular is a real tool, but JD is not that bad. There are rules here, and i break them on occasion and suffer the consequences, so must we all.
    Not very PC or modern but in my eyes....
    Real men don't pick on girls.
  11. Cheer-up, it`s only a forum for feck`s sake, sort it out in the car-park
  12. Kee Riste...Did I miss a big argument....maybe a domestic even..

    Jings Almichty OOR WULLIE would say..Gonni Geeza Brekdoononit soza kin git a laff....this is Parliamo Jock Speek lingo by the don't tell me naybuddy kin translate or early furrat matter.

    To the point whit wizz all the arguement about...orramma bein two nozey.

    Tae git the boot frae this shite ( I mean site, sorry) ye have to be REALLY REALLY BAD BAD BAD !!!!!!!!
    :D :D
  13. Quite right too, Lingy! I have a soft spot for Jenny_D. The last female sailor I knew was an ex-Wren at work. When I joined she was just retiring after 40 years in the same job - before that she had been in the Wrens. She left the Wrens in.. wait for it... 1945!!!

    Big hairy, roughy, toughy sailors on the other hand, can take it! No mercy! We civvies are another matter - I think we need TLC... :wink: :lol:

  14. ByeBye :roll: :lol:
  15. Like your new Avatar JD :roll: :lol:
  16. naw not really M8, not with ali anyway, he got involved in somat which apparently is on going and got his ass handed to him, toys out of pram and off he went (stomp, stomp)
    storm in a tea cup, but andym an me were unrolling the bandages :lol:
    medics to flight deck at the rush :lol: :lol:
  17. Don't know whos avatar turns me on the most, on one hand I know JD is a chick and I know Dondon is a bloke..... but those melons !!!!!!!! Decisions decisions, I'll be in the heads if you need me
  18. No question Lingyai , mine is the better one :lol: :roll:
  19. with a bit of luck, Dondon, JD might try and blackcat you.
  20. Thanks ah know M8

    Whit a hullabaloo ower nuthing then....noo there is a good descriptive word straight from the Oxford Concise dictionary..hullabaloo...(neuter)..a great uproar.
    Hugger mugger...another good one ....big muddle.

    Great language English..... :) 8)

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