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JENNY Side Party BEM

brigham600 said:
Did the DT steal that obituary from RR then? :)

Almost. :) The original tribute to Jenny was written by naval historian Charles Addis, a retired Lt Cdr who served much of his career in Hong Kong including having Command of the Admiralty tug Claire, used for anti-II (Illegal Immigrants) patrols. He exchanged cards and letters with Jenny right up to her demise. Look out for a spread in the Pompey News within the next couple of days too.


Lantern Swinger
Jennys side party girls painted the engine room bilges of HMS Forth - WHITE. All the lower plates were unscrewed & lifted up to do this .Walking across the plate framing to do some maintenanc,e I inadvertently trod on the back of one old girl,who emitted a most piercing scream.
A week out from HK all the white paint came off as they could never degrease the bilges sufficiently.I think it was all down to the Senior Engineer who must have had Royal Yacht delusions.
In addition to Jenny does anyone remember Peanuts the laundryman who would come down the messdeck and delve into the coat locker and individual's lockers looking for dirty Kit. He would remove several items screaming "Filthy dirty" and spirit them away withoug consent to appear a day or so later laundered or cleaned. His catch phrase was "Free now pay pay day"


War Hero
OldSparker said:
In addition to Jenny does anyone remember Peanuts the laundryman who would come down the messdeck and delve into the coat locker and individual's lockers looking for dirty Kit. He would remove several items screaming "Filthy dirty" and spirit them away withoug consent to appear a day or so later laundered or cleaned. His catch phrase was "Free now pay pay day"

I remember Peanuts well. He pursuaded me to pay the overdue bill for one of my messmates. Then the so called "messmate" refused to reimburse me;degenerate paiso cnut!
Peanuts was a great character.


Just like to add , regrets to hear of passing of JENNY OF SIDE PARTY FAME, having been out the FES a few times,and getting to know the ropes, I saved, salvaged, eer recyled all the non -ferrous stuff i could get ,as a clankie on ARETHUSA F38 circa 70-72, managed to find about 5cwt,which i kept in funnel uptakes, yep as boiler room l/HAND,i also kept the only key.
Managed to wangle a fortnights station leave in honky phid,just needed some money. Went to see my Favorite 'MAMA SAN',
"WOT YOU WAN,SAILAMAN" ,Well we went up to the uptakes,and cut a story short,the scrap went, i had a fortnight in 'China Fleet Club,all found,and enough of the folding stuff to hit Wanchai very night,+ ARETHUSA got to roll a bit Quicker! . The buzz was them days if you got the yards and yards off firecrackers, from her sampans as you left TAMAR, you wouldn't come back again that commisssion! and I never DID. R.I.P. JENNY.


Second post REF PEANUT, the dry cleaning guy from SINGA'S!! Must have been taught ENGLISH by a MATELOT.
Laying in my pit one day,after TOT time!
There's an almighty commotion,as he helped himself to all the uniforms,seeing me in my pit it went something like this,
" Hey you 'kin sailaman,you wann no1 'kin suit .a 'kin a dry clean you *unt",
A PRICELESS GUY,needless to say,he got my rig too!


War Hero
RIP Jenny ….with your girls scraping the plates we always made sure to leave a lot of meat spuds and figgy duff….after all ..painting the Albion from stem to stern was no mean feat…..

I don`t know where she is now but she`s sure to have done a deal for a bit of extra scran….probably in exchange for a paint job on the Pearly Gates…


Lantern Swinger
I met her in 1975, the amount of work she and her girls did put the whole of the ships company to shame, God bless you jenny.
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