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I am just about to deploy to the Joint Comms centre in the Falklands as a CIS and was wondering if anybody had any experiences they wished to share with me. i.e things to do, pros / cons of this particular draft etc.


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You either return an Alcoholic or Fit as a butchers dog. Good PT facilities and great AT to be had. Enjoy working with the RAF - it is an "experience".

If you can get on to HMS Clyde when she does a South Georgia run go because it is a once in a lifetime experience (unless you are in Clyde and then it is about a 3 times a year experience but you get my drift).

Do the battlefield tours, very touching. Get out and about as much as you can - do not become a slave to your cabin/games console/bar as the tour will drag. As I said the AT is brilliant and now is the time to make the most of it.

Never forget you are a Matelot and call everyone "Shippers", all bulkheads and deckheads, heads and galley, use the correct watch terms.

I know of a CPO(AWW) in Iraq who was running the Phalanx crews and made the Middle Watch scrubbed out (brought a tear to the eyes of the Chops R when heard that) no matter if RN/Army/RAF


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Ah JCUFI. Outstanding posting. I was there in the early 90's as part of Radcon. Fantastic. We were left alone due to the nature of our role and worked closely with the matelots, who were brilliant. The only downside is that our overall bosses were crabs.

Oddly enough, my recollections of my 5 months there are extremely hazy. Can't think why. Enjoy!!!
Top tip.

Don't get bladdered in Stanley and decide to walk back to MP (it's further than you think)

When staggering along the road don't decide to go into a field and have a slash behind a big rock as it's literally a minefield (thanks to the Devon and Dorsets for getting us out and bringing us back).

This was in '86 so the minefields might not be there now but the rest applies plus there's loads of crabs to wind up in the quiet moments.

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