JCUFI: B Watch Chunder Book 1994

I am currently serving in the Falklands COMMCEN and during a rather slow day I decided to do some house-keeping. Whilst tidying up I came across a book entitled: "B Shift Chunder Book" and found myself reading one of the finest selection of dits and cartoons I have ever come across. Having just finished reading I got to wondering where the people responsible for this masterpiece are now and whether any of them are members of RR. I would love to scan some of the cartoons and post them on here at some point as they are genuinely hillarious and fantastically drawn and I imagine it's contributors have not seen this book since leaving the island (except perhaps if they returned for tours later.).

Anyway, anybody care to step forward and claim responsibility for this book? Thanks in advance for the hours of entertainment it has provided us with.


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Mate. If you ever go up to JOC Radcon, just out of MPA, see if they've got the chunder book from late '91. If it's still there, you'll see plenty of entries from yours truly. I'd love to see that particular gem again.
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