JC's in Gibraltar

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by kenkim, Dec 5, 2008.

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  1. I can remember drinking in excess a cocktail we all called a JC (unless my memory is failing me, which is quite likely) in Gib, in the late seventies and early eighties.
    Anybody know the recipe for this little gem?
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  2. JC = John Collins if memory serves. Was that the one they put the Sugar around the rim of the glass?
    I know I've had a few but can't for the life of me remember what it was.
    Nice though.
  3. Gin, angostura bitters and (I think) soda.

    My drink of choice in those happy days - about 8 weeks refit Ajax/Ariadne (handover) early 80's in addition to rather a lot of brief visits during the period you mentioned.


    Edit: Think you're right GR.
  4. Isn't it basically a gin and bitter lemon, with a bit of tarting up?

    Those that didn't like gin drank VCs.
  5. Yes.

    Bitter lemon it was.
  6. I seem to remember them putting Lee & Perrins Worcester Sauce in it.
    Does this ring any bells?
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  7. Lee & Perrins seems a bit drastic. That's more for a Bloody Mary, I'd say.
    Angostura bitters surely?
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  8. Here's a link to a site that gives you the recipe:-


    However I seem to remember the ones in Gib being made differently Very much our Guzzler said. I do remeber drinking far to many of them in the early 80's
  9. Its a Joan Collins.

    Two drops Angustura Bitters in a glass, swill around and flick out.
    Gin to taste (about a third of the glass), lemonade and lemon juice to finish.

    Although to be honest there are a lot of different versions of a JC
  10. A John Collins is made with Brandy on most other sites :)
  11. A JC in Gib bears no relation to a JC in the States.

    The considered opinion of our lot in the States was "What the flying f*ck is this?", when in all probability it was a proper JC.
  12. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    I always understood that a 'Tom Collins' was a gin based drink and that 'John Collins' was a whisky based drink. Of course I could be wrong!
  13. I was on the ajax/ariadne change over, who are you?
  14. JCs in the bar in Rook 4p as I remember in 75. Gin , bitter lemon+soda and agastura bitters. Got you drunk from the toes up, after a few you tried to get off the bar stool to go to the bog only to find your legs not working , the brain thinking clearly but the body in a big snotty heap on the floor :dwarf: .
  15. Just out of interest, I was there for the next one in 82 Ajax/Galatea, Good time in Gib was had by all!!!!


  16. I go to gib at least ounce a year ..I also go in the white horse and angry frier etc .i have seen and been in company of the visiting ships companies.The jc you are on about are just gin lemon cordial and lemonade and it is drank by the half or pint .A proper jc comes in a long glass and consists of a measure of gin angasturie bitters(a dash)a splash of lime lemon juice a splash of lemonade .Posh places would put sugar round the glass .A TC is basically the same but made with whisky instead of gin .For what i could see in gib it was just a way of getting pissed up (great ).I sometimes mix me a glass the same way at home(missing out the bitters and the lime ) just makes a short drink long :w00t:
  17. When I had just joined the Hermes in Gib in 78 I was in a bar celebrating a messmates birthday, I was getting my first round in and a fella asked for a JC, being skin, essence and as green as they come, I ordered a pint of the stuff.

    Birthday boy was ever so pleased, and booze was soooooooooo cheap in Gib back then that it did not really hurt to much.
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  18. Had many JC's in Gib when guardship in 73 at Xmas on the Roteasy.
    Best drink I can remember having especially when there in the summer.
    we went ashore Xmas eve morning drinking JC's all day,drunk by lunch,sober by teatime ,legless again supper and sober by 0100.

    Best time of my life at Gib.(Until I joined boats)
  19. Our favorite ''Cocktail'' in Gib was the AFRICAN

    ...double Woods in a half pint glass topped up with cider, got you ''there'' PDQ. :thumright:
  20. I remember my introduction to JC and Gibraltar was from the frigate Llandaff which I was drafted to for sea training back in March 1974. One of the bars frequented was the Tartan Bar, next to or close to the old Trafalgar cemetery at the end of Main Street. I think it was Gin, Bitters and tonic or soda, with a slice of lemon, not too different to a gin and tonic.
    I do remember the mother of all headaches the next day. An old hand said that'll be down to the bitters, nothing to do with the OD on gin lol. Happy days

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