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Discussion in 'The Afterlife - Resettlement and Jobs' started by 88bonham, Aug 27, 2008.

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  1. Well the impending doom of going outside is rapidly approaching.

    Started looking around for resettlement training and have come across JBC Computer training in Coventry. They advertise a guaranteed employment programme!

    Has anybody trained with them and successfully found employment? Would be good to hear your opinion on them, good or gash.


  2. JBC's main offering seems to be a City & Guilds cert, why not have a look on some job sites and see how my are asking for this qualification, just 'cos I've never seen any doesn't mean there aren't any.

    Vendor certs are probably a better route into work with smaller companies, this was what I did 12 years ago, to move upwards you need experience more so than qualifications though. Good luck.


  3. Jed, have a look on the "outside the wire" forum on ARRSE, they have probably covered this subject before.
  4. Thanks for the advice Ian, I am struggling to decide whether to go for A+ N+ etc or the JBC course which offers a broad program of training. I'm a sparker, or CIS as we've now been badged so have some IT experiece although no bits of paper.
    I live Leicester for my sins and see from your profile that you're in Corby. Any advice you could give on working in IT in this area would be a help.


  5. Jed,

    I've been out since '96, I have worked in small IT jobs, medium IT jobs and now for one of the worlds largest companies, certainly not working in Corby ;-) More than happy to meet up/chat with you sometime, PM me for contact details, I'm back in the UK from the 4th Sep.

  6. Cheers Ian, PM sent.


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